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Will a 3hr cut of Avengers get released in theatres?

June 14, 2012

Folks over at Superhero Authority have indicated there is a rumor running around about the possibility that Avengers might get released in theatres come August.

This rumor is running wild on the Internet; many fans are over excited and entirely willing to throw all their money to see the longer cut. The BluRay DVD is due out in September, which will probably have the longer cut, as DVDs tend to. On the one hand, it would give the movie another chance to break records, and give fans another chance to see it on the big screen. I heard rumors about a scene of Captain America getting to talk to Peggy; I love that! But by the same token…while I would love to see the extended version, I don’t know if I would be willing to do so with the knowledge that the DVD with likely the same content will be out four weeks later.




Han’s Avenger Review

May 11, 2012

Avengers. There is a God.

There is also a WWII super soldier, a billionaire playboy philanthropist, a giant green monster, a super archer and a Russian martial artist spy type gal.

Hah, you see what I did there?
Anyway, my father came down on May 4th to watch the movie with me. I screamed. I laughed. I got teary eyed. And I cannot wait to see it again and to catch the director’s cut. The movie was phenomenal, and I’m sure there are even more little things that will come out in the director’s cut that will only add to the movie.

The part I found most interesting about the movie was the even, unique balance between each character. Nobody was really at the forefront of anybody else, which is incredibly difficult. I was afraid Stark would have ended up front and center through everything, but that was not the case. I was very pleased.

Although I would have liked to have seen a little more out of Hawkeye, it makes sense why things happened the way they did.

I did say it would happen though–shawarma sales are experiencing record highs right now. I’m curious how many people had actually heard of the dish before seeing this movie….


Reasons not to read Cosmo: Article on Dating Geeks

September 12, 2011

This may be the most terrible article I’ve read in a very long time. I linked it to prove it exists, because I could not have come up with this crap on my own. I will copy’/paste Cosmo’s reasoning, followed by my comments on why Cosmo is a giant piece of crap wrapped in a magazine cover.

Also, let me preface this by stating that I have been dating an extremely geeky guy for seven and a half years. And I am good friends with many others. Pretty qualified here.


Ever since Michael Cera became hot leading guy material, we’ve been thinking about the dorky guys we often overlook. In our experience, nothing about our nerdy next-door-neighbor ever really inspired any naughty thoughts (except for you know…free homework help). But it turns out that this slightly geeky breed of men might make the best boyfriends. Here’s why.

1. He’s capable of memorizing every line of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings so he shouldn’t have trouble remembering your birthday and favorite kind of flowers.

‎It took my boyfriend about four years to remember my birthday and our anniversary. (March 1 and 3 respectively….not that difficult -___-)

2. Sure, he may secretly want to get it on with his super hot neighbor, but knowing that you’re the hottest girl he’s ever been with will probably keep him from cheating.

Load of crap, men will cheat if they want to cheat, the looks of their significant other notwithstanding.

3. Geeks tend to be tech-savvy. Which means not only will he be able to fix a computer problem and upgrade your software, but he’ll actually enjoy doing it.

Geeks find it insulting to be constantly asked by their friends and loved ones to fix their computers. They don’t actually enjoy it, and would rather teach you how to do it so they can be proud of their geeky girlfriend.

4. Although the dumb jock thing is a total cliche, you’re unlikely to meet a dorky guy who can’t string together a sentence and carry on an intelligent conversation.

I know plenty of geeky guys who can’t string together a coherent sentence or hold an intelligent conversation. It gets worse when around women.

5. Since he’s supersmart and probably already making a ton of money, he won’t think being a roadie for Vampire Weekend is a great “career opportunity.”

When the hell did geeky = super smart and rolling in it? And why is Cosmo trying to write an article about “looking past” the geekiness and turning it instead into an article on how to be a gold digger?

6. He was probably bullied during high school so he’ll be sympathetic when you vent about the office bitch…and help you plot a plan to bring her down.

He may have been bullied in high school, so your venting about the office bitch just makes YOU look like an office bitch who has nothing better to do on her hands besides criticize other people.

7. He’ll never hog the bathroom to manscape.

Yes, yes he will.

On Comic Movies

June 30, 2011

We’ve all heard/read some major comic fan freak out over the way Green Hornet, Thor, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Watchmen, all these movies have done SOMEthing that has terribly wronged the fans and they changed the story and HOW COULD THEY THE HORROR!!!

Honestly, I don’t mind when comic movies change origin stories or the way that things have to. The producers can’t be expected to make serial movies, the way comic fans are used to when they read comic books. There needs to be definitive beginning-middle-end or the movies will lose the interest of the non-comic=fan movie goers. A huge majority of people honestly don’t follow, understand or care about the comics the way comic fans do. That majority is actually the ones going to see the movies. Besides: comic fans can never agree on anything, so trying to please the lot would only be bad news bears for the box office.

Also, I love the movies because it gives my father, who doesn’t have the time to read comics, a chance feel young, enjoy time with me and stay entertained by something he loved so dearly as a child.

The recent box office numbers on the last couple of comic movies are starting to frighten me. Oversaturation is becoming a very real thread to the open floodgates of comic movies, and the general public might be getting kind of sick and tired of these movies. Yes it’s fun, but I really think Marvel needs to slow down on their releases. They’re shooting themselves in the foot with it.


Holy Handbasket, Captain America!

June 25, 2011

I have work the day after this comes out but I don’t even give a rat’s donkey, I am going to see this movie at midnight.

I also cursed so much about this to my boyfriend, I think he might be scared I have magically transformed into a Super Sailor Han.



Han’s Movie Thoughts: Green Hornet

June 5, 2011

Green Hornet. Damn that sucked. 😐 My main issue was that our main character was SO out of reach. He was an ass, for the ENTIRE movie, there was nothing redeeming about him, you never felt BAD for him, he just annoyed you and made you as the viewer wish he had been beaten as a pulp and at least pretend to be humble in some vague way.

I did not enjoy this movie at ALL. >(


Han’s Movie Thoughts: Thor

June 3, 2011

I enjoyed it.

It was entertaining and I’m glad I went. I loved the inside jokes referencing the Iron Man movies, I thought the costumes were REALLY cool, and I LOVED the development of the other planets.

I’m a huge romance dweeb, so I do like when movies have a romantic side plot. But this one was really forced. So she fell in love with him because he was majorly cut and had a nice smile? That’s….super shallow. 😐 C’mon, she’s supposed to be some scientific genius girl, and you make her fall in love with him in the single evening scene of him telling her unbelievable stories about space. Mmmmkay…..

Otherwise, I at least enjoyed the explosions and how the movie showed both on earth and on Asgard. The opening was REALLY weird though….I think it probably would have worked better WITHOUT the strange flashback. There was too much plot in between flashing back and forward, so IMO it didn’t work. I am curious to see the Director’s Cut of this movie. I have a feeling it may be better.


Wonder Woman’s new outfit already?

March 31, 2011

And here she is already with an update! What do you think of the new look for WW, changed from what Lauren posted? I’m a huge fan of those stars and pants!!!

From DailyMail.



Convention schedule for Han

March 29, 2011

So I don’t really know how I am suddenly attending a ton of conventions, but this has happened so let’s roll with it!

First up will be Anime Boston. I’ve never been, but I am looking forward to it. April 22-24.

Second is AnimeNEXT, June 10-12. This is sort of my “hometown” convention,….that I’ve never been to. xD So another new convention, which will of course be reviewed here (they all will, duh.)

Followed by Otakon, July 29-31. I’ve decided to give it another chance, so we’ll see how it goes this time around! Hopefully it’ll be easier to get around and find things.

Baltimore Comic Con is August 20-21, which I am very excited for. Hopefully it is late enough that I will be able to make it without missing out on any school, but I will also be moving closer to that location, making it tons easier. xD

No Wizard World Philly for me this year, since I’m attending a conference in Florida that weekend. I am also unsure if I will be around to attend NYCC/AF, though if I can, I will go since it was a blast last year. You’ll get an update if that happens.

If you’re going to any of these cons, drop me a line! I’ll be revealing my costumes a bit later on, so keep an eye out for me and say hyello!


New York Comic Con!

October 8, 2010

Han should be there all weekend, and I’ll be stopping by Saturday with my press pass! Yaaay!

See you then!