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New Sailor Moon Anime in 2013!

July 6, 2012

Big news for fans of the classic anime, Sailor Moon is getting a reboot in the summer of 2013! Kodansha and Takeuchi announced on Friday that the manga would get a fresh new anime to accompany it, with Momoiro Clover Z doing the theme song.

While I am positively excited over this, I have a few questions;

Will Takeuchi be more involved in the anime?
Will it cover all five seasons?
Will they finally have a consistent animation team (ala Sailor Stars) so every episode looks the same?
I can’t imagine anyone else but the original cast as the voices. Will they be coming back?
If it’d going to follow the manga more closely, does that mean the Doom Tree saga saga will be dropped?
Will we see Luna, Artemis, and Diana in human form?
Will there be a Sailor V anime special to go with it? Please?
There’s like 50 billion more that have popped into my head.

And the most important question of them all;

Will the American audiences get to see it (legally) as well as the original 200 episodes? I remember clear as day how hard it was being a Sailor Moon fan in the 90s. That bug hit me in 95, and trust me. It wasn’t easy. It was a big deal when the manga was being released by Mixxzine (Tokyopop) but they did a horrible job with it. While we are finally getting the manga we’ve always deserved, we still have yet to get ALL 200 episodes uncut.



Video Monday! A history on Tokusatsu.

January 9, 2012

While I finish up my convention review of MAGfest 10, here’s something to keep you occupied. My friend Byron did a pretty good video on the history of Tokusatsu (think Ultraman). So here you go dear readers, get your learn on.

A History On Tokusatsu


Moon Prism Power Now At Hot Topic

September 16, 2011

Hey everyone! Look!

Do you see what I see? Why, I see a $60 Halloween Sailor Moon costume! Now, I’ve seen and heard many a Moonie rage over this costume, but let’s sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for a second.

1- It’s a Halloween costume. Sure, it will be worn to anime conventions. But, I doubt the person buying this will be entering it into a cosplay contest.

2- It actually looks like the child version costume that was released 14 years ago. 14 years ago I was 11, so I didn’t buy that version. NOW I CAN. HAHAHA.

3- It’s $60. While that price point seems out of line, most Halloween costumes are in the $40-60 range. True story, unless you buy your costumes at Wal-Mart.

4- Again, it’s a Halloween costume. I don’t know of any Halloween costume that’s actually made well. No really, I don’t.

5- Look at it this way; Sailor Moon is back in the USA. With the manga release and all of the merch that is due out later this year, you should be thankful. I know I am, since I can finally get trashed dressed up as Sailor Moon without worrying about fucking up a $200+ costume I had made for me.


Otakon becoming a downward spiral

August 3, 2011

I’ll agree with Lauren that this does bring in alot of money into Baltimore City. That is the only good thing about it. Even though I’m sure everyone in that area hates us…We bring you money. So you can’t really complain.

This year I actually stood in line for Johnny Yong Bosch’s autograph. It was a clusterfuck. I got there an hour and a half early. And I received a ticket and then told to come back at the time on my ticket. I come back for my time, thinking that oh hey, this will be real quick and we will be in and out. No. I was sitting there for another forty five minutes and then we were let into the room to line up for autographs. His bandmates were really nice and talked to people while in line. It looked like Bosch was probably really tired, he wasn’t that talkative. I heard his band at the Matsuri (the Matsuri itself was a joke), and they weren’t bad.

As Lauren said, crowd control was terrible. I went down to Artist Alley once and of course the escalators are off. I have no problem with that. What I had a problem with was this small, narrow staircase being the only way in. And they didn’t stop people from exiting the entrance and going up that narrow staircase. At this point I’m really irritated and I even said something to the staff person at the bottom that then didn’t seem to care. I know this is a volunteer position but still.

The Alley itself had a bunch of great artists this year. I saw alot of good stuff. Although alot of people say the organization of the Alley was a hot mess. Glad to see that hasn’t changed since I was last there.

This con used to be really great. I’ve been attending since 2002. And after it got so huge that it brings in 30K people, I have enjoyed my time less and less. Mainly because of the lack of organization and the crowds of people that don’t know to stop off on the side instead right in the way of everyone else.

Even though I’m not huge into anime/manga as I used to be, I didn’t find too much interesting except for Artist Alley.

Otakon 2011

August 3, 2011

Jokingly I call this FightCon 2011 since I had to verbally beat someone down almost every day. One guy told my friend to go fuck herself, another guy was bothering my photographer friend (not Pat), and one dealer was selling Nazi stuff. Not stuff from Hellsing or Hetalia, straight up Adolph Hitler-wore-that-shit Nazi stuff.

I worked in the dealer’s room for majority of the con. I went to no panels, rarely met up with people, and didn’t even get a program guide. From a dealers point of view, this is a great con to come and clear out old anime and manga, and make some money. From what I could tell however, there was not much in the ways of deals going on. The one thing anime convention dealers have never gotten the hang of, was actually giving out good deals. Comic dealers seem to have it down to a science, but anime dealers have no idea what that means.

The panels were pretty boring; I skipped out on the FUNimation one, and only caught a few minutes of a few other ones. Otakon also overlapped big events from what I was hearing. A concert, the masquerade, and the Full Metal Alchemist movie were all shown at the same time on Saturday. Whomever made the schedule dropped the ball on that. One big plus was that they used the Hilton as extra con space, but that still didn’t help with the crowds. Otakon needs to start capping attendance again. There were many points during the weekend where you could not walk anywhere because of the crowds.

The cosplay was both good and bad, but what do you expect. Overall, I had a great con. I can’t wait for next year.

And now, some pictures.



July 27, 2011

We didn’t get approved for press badges (yet somehow we get them for EVERY OTHER CON on the planet), but that won’t stop some of us from going! I’ll be updating the blog live from the FUNimation panel. I hope they announce that they plan on re-dubbing/subbing all of Sailor Moon since the manga is due out this fall from Kodansha USA.

If you’re going to be at Otakon, have fun, and be safe. It’s been hot as balls in Baltimore lately.


Hentai And My Father

July 8, 2011

God bless my father, and God bless eBay. Recently I stumbled onto some Sailor Moon laser discs that I did not own. I’m a huge fan of laser discs, and an even bigger fan of Sailor Moon. I forgot I put them on watching, but my dad noticed them and actually won some of them for me. He then went to see what other anime LDs this person had, and started bidding on all of them. I didn’t notice until he said something to me this morning.

Dad: Hey, have you heard of ‘La Blue Girl’?
Me: What.
Dad: The person who had those Sailor Moon discs also had other anime shows, so I bid on them. We got some neat ones. I know you like Tenchi Muyo, and I got you something called Card Captor Sakura. But I’ve never heard of this La Blue Girl.
Me: Well, uhm, La Blue Girl is an anime porn.
Dad: What.
Me: Yea. It’s called ‘hentai’. It’s animated porn.
Dad: People watch animated porn.
Me: Yes. They do.
Dad: … So do you still want the LD? I’m not gonna watch it but you know if you don’t want it.
Me: It’s fine. I’ll give it to someone.
Dad: Do you know anyone else who owns a laser disc player?
Me: … Nope.

I have to give props to my dad. He really does love my sister and I, and since he was raised in the sci-fi culture, he doesn’t bat an eye to the weird shit we like. He is also one of the few non anime fans I’ve ever met who doesn’t equate anime with being nothing but porn. To him all anime begins and ends with Sailor Moon, since my sister and I were (are) hardcore Sailor Moon fans. Of course, the conversation didn’t end there.

Dad: Do these people know these are in Japanese?
Me: I guess not.
Dad: Does anyone else besides you speak Japanese?
Mom: *from the other room* I bet people in Japan know Japanese!

No one else said anything the rest of the morning.


Future Cops: Bootleg Street Fighter

April 27, 2011

If you haven’t heard of ‘Future Cops’, then you need to turn in your nerd card. This movie came out around 1993, and it’s a movie based off of the popular fighting game, ‘Street Fighter’. Except everyone’s name has been changed and it’s a corny Hong Kong action flick. However, does that mean it’s bad? Yes, but I love me some bad things!

For whatever dumb reason, WordPress won't let me put stuff up at the moment. Sorry guys, you're going to have to click this link, and then come back:

So! Coolest shit ever? Why yes, I think so.


On behalf of the Moon!

March 18, 2011

Hey guys. Let me tell you why September of 2011 will rock your face off.


Oh my Gahd. I don’t even. Flipping tables over and dancing like a mofo with how excited I am.


I don’t believe in bootlegging.

February 11, 2011

Yesterday, while hanging around at school, I got into a pretty lengthy conversation about bootlegging/downloading anime. To be short, I’m against it. To be long, here’s a rough idea of what we talked about:

Guy: Why does bootlegging bug you so much?

Me: Because it takes money out of people’s pockets. If you notice at the end of each episode you stream, there’s a long list of people who work on shows. By not buying the anime (in a legal fashion) you are taking money out of their pocket.

Guy: But then how can I watch new anime shows?

Me: Wait for it to be released here? There are thousands of titles that have been released in the U.S over the past 20 years. Or, learn Japanese and buy the DVD’s from Japan. That’s how I saw all of Sailor Moon… (albeit it was on Laser Disk.)

Guy: But I don’t want to watch older anime. It’s outdated and no one cares about it.

Me: Then you’re missing out on some killer, classic titles. I get that anime that is over 5 years old is somehow “ancient”, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad and should be forgotten. Anime fans need to celebrate the older stuff just as much as the newer stuff.

Guy: Anime is too expensive.

Me: Back in 1994 I could buy a Ranma 1/2 VHS for $30, and it only contained 2 episodes. I can now buy a Ranma DVD for $5* with 5 episodes on it.

Guy: That’s not fair to me then. China/Korea/Guy on the corner has it for sale, so I can buy it.

Me: China/Korea/Guy on the corner doesn’t have a gun to your head telling you to buy it. Let’s say you work at a Target. Everything is fine and dandy, you’re getting paid, but suddenly people decide they don’t want to pay for their stuff. They steal it instead. Is that right?

Guy: No, that’s illegal.

Me: Let’s say the stealing gets so bad, that Target has to close up, which puts you out a job. Is that right?

Guy: No, it’s not.

Me: THEN STOP PIRATING THIS CRAP. One day, animation studios are going to close up because of pirating. Then you won’t have any anime. And you know what? When that happens, I will track you down (yes I will) and personally blame you for the demise of anime. (This won’t actually happen, but it was really funny to me so I had to say it.)

We actually went back and forth on this for a while. I understand where he’s coming from (can’t find it in America so it’s ok to download/buy fansubs), but at the same time, it’s wrong. In this day and age there’s no reason to have to steal anymore. We are over saturated with anime and manga now. Go watch Tenchi Muyo or something, I promise you, it’s a great series.

*There’s a store called 5 Below that does sell Ranma (and other anime) for $5. On DVD. I shit you not.