New Sailor Moon Anime in 2013!

Big news for fans of the classic anime, Sailor Moon is getting a reboot in the summer of 2013! Kodansha and Takeuchi announced on Friday that the manga would get a fresh new anime to accompany it, with Momoiro Clover Z doing the theme song.

While I am positively excited over this, I have a few questions;

Will Takeuchi be more involved in the anime?
Will it cover all five seasons?
Will they finally have a consistent animation team (ala Sailor Stars) so every episode looks the same?
I can’t imagine anyone else but the original cast as the voices. Will they be coming back?
If it’d going to follow the manga more closely, does that mean the Doom Tree saga saga will be dropped?
Will we see Luna, Artemis, and Diana in human form?
Will there be a Sailor V anime special to go with it? Please?
There’s like 50 billion more that have popped into my head.

And the most important question of them all;

Will the American audiences get to see it (legally) as well as the original 200 episodes? I remember clear as day how hard it was being a Sailor Moon fan in the 90s. That bug hit me in 95, and trust me. It wasn’t easy. It was a big deal when the manga was being released by Mixxzine (Tokyopop) but they did a horrible job with it. While we are finally getting the manga we’ve always deserved, we still have yet to get ALL 200 episodes uncut.




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