Who we are

We’re a bunch of comic-lovin’ ladies out here on the big, bad, world wide web…making things just a little bigger, and a little badder.



I was born in 1986. Ever since I was a baby I’ve loved Batman, my first experience with Batman being the Adam West TV show. My Dad took me to see Batman Returns when it hit theaters, and in first grade I was Batman for halloween. My foam Bat-belt broke, and I cried the whole day because of it. The rest as they say, is history. In my spare time I wear bright wigs, work from home, and sometimes I try to take over the world.






Eventual winner of her category

age: 20
job: poor college student
oh, and theatre technician, at my school
location: Jersey-o

I  like kittens and bunnies and puppies and cute, fuzzy things. Even not-so-fuzzy things. I  saw a mouse in a restaurant and wanted to take it home…the host didn’t like that so much. I love anime and manga (moreso manga) and have been interested in comics since

I was really little. My dad would take my sisters and I to the store to pick out a comic for each of us. My sisters would pick anything with Catwoman or Robin, and I would take an X-Men comic. My mother hated it….but that’s what got this party started ❤

I love to cosplay as well, and my typical character is definitely Harley Quinn. I’m sure you’ll see pictures somewhere. My first comic convention was Wizard World Philly 2008, when I was invited along with my friends Brandy and Rob. The rest is history, eh? I met Lauren online just over a year ago, and we first saw each other at WWPhilly 09, and met for realsies at Otakon 2009. It was love at first sight.

Julie (24; Baltimore MD; Towson University)

Not gonna lie, the basis of my comic interests started when the cartoons aired on WB.  I am a huge fan of Batman: The Animated Series.  Didn’t read comics really till I was in college.  Back when I worked at Borders Express and during down times I would flip through the comic rack next to the register.  I loved Teen Titans back when Geoff Johns wrote it.  I love any comics that deal with teen superheroes.  I have no idea why.  So my favorite series are Young Avengers, Red Robin, Batgirl, and Legion of Superheroes, Spider-Girl.  As you can see, 90% of what I read is from DCU.  But that is kind of changing soon.  I’m slowly getting into more Marvel titles.








I started reading comic books when I was six years old.

I’m also into video games,manga,model kits,action figures,and sports.

I’m a big fan of Wolverine and Green Lantern.

Judge Dredd is also one of my favorite comic book characters.

I mostly buy HCs TPBs to read Modern books now.

I mainly collect Silver,Bronze,Copper,and Modern Age books.

 I hope to one day buy my first Golden Age book.





















































3 Responses to “Who we are”

  1. Marcy Says:

    I love this, this is my favorite blog. That Lauren is hot, can I have her number? I can show her my “Dark Knight”.

  2. Joshua Bryan Says:

    How’s it going ladies? Check out our site when you get a chance. HaveANerdGasm.com, like what you are doing here. Hope you enjoy our site as well.

    Take it easy and hopefully see you at a con. We will be attending Baltimore, NYCC, and probably Big Apple.

  3. Girls with Comics Says:

    Hi Josh!

    Han, Julie and I should be at Baltimore Comic Con. I’ll be at NYCC, but since Big Apple sucks dead Aquaman balls I’ll probably be skipping it.

    Also you have a few photo’s of Han on your WWPhilly 09 set!


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