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Batman vs. Wolverine

June 29, 2012

So there’s a video on YouTube where a group of people (two guys, two girls) are talking about who would win in a fight. Batman or Wolverine. The video intrigued me since I love Batman, and oh look! Women! That’s pretty fantastic. So everyone gives their opinion on who will win and blah blah blah. There was no real in-depth discussion. Just Wolverine can heal fast and Batman is smart.The women vote for Batman, the men vote for Wolverine. If the Batman wins the men have to dress like Burt Ward era Robin and have a pillow fight. If Wolverine wins, the women will “Dress in sexy costumes and have a pillow fight.” You had me up until that part.

The actual fight between Batman and Wolverine though is really well done. The costumes and action were spot on. If the video was nothing but this without the banter before and after, it would be epic. Perhaps the special effects crew of “X-Men Origins” could take a few notes on how to make stuff look real.

Wolverine wins. So the ladies dress up in sexy costumes and pillow fight.

I usually don’t get offended easily (honestly I’m still on the fence on if I’m just annoyed or offended) but for the love of Batman.  Dressing up in sexy costumes and pillow fighting? Is that what I want non comic book geeks thinking about me and other women in the hobby? Ladies, you have lost all credibility with me. Way to make it about sex when in the end, it isn’t. I’ve been in plenty of “who would win” debates. Some I’ve won and some I’ve lost. But I’ve never made it fundamentally about “HEY I’M A GIRL! I HAVE BOOBS! I LIKE COMICS TEE HEE!” because that’s stupid and not classy. I firmly believe you can be a nerd and catch a guys attention without dressing like a superhero and having a pillow fight. Use your nerdy brains. That’s amazingly attractive.


You can find the video here. It is well done, but I seriously question the people in this video.


Sex, drugs, and comic books.

September 25, 2011

Ah, the glamorous life of being a comic book fan girl.

I’ve read comics my whole life. My dad had been reading comics his whole life. I’ve been attending conventions since I was very small, and I’ve been going to comic shops since I was about 5 or 6. I’ve grown up in a male dominated hobby and only really encountered problems with it once I started going to conventions alone. Do you know how many times I’ve had a male comic book dealer scoff at me and tell me I can’t afford a book, only to offer the price and even a slight discount to my father? Same book, but he’s a guy and I’m a girl.

Comic book companies are not any better.

Marvel Comics has always been the leader when it came to facing issues that everyone could deal with (The X-Men and being different from everyone else for example). Yet when it came to the women in their stories, it was still “Well she’s a woman, we need to treat her as such.” Sue Storm is the perfect example. Her power was invisibility. Perhaps her power of invisibility was (is) a parallel to how society views women, and in turn how comics view them. She’s pretty, she has the heart of a smart dude who can stretch, but she turns invisible. Over the years her powers have evolved, but at the core of it she’s someone we shouldn’t see.

DC Comics has usually been a step or two behind once the Silver Age of comics came about. The one thing they can say is “We have Superman. We have Batman. We have Wonder Woman!” Wonder Woman is a powerful, strong female character, but her weakness is being tied up. So if a man (or woman) ties Wonder Woman up, she is powerless and therefore weak. That’s fucked up. And don’t get me started on the whole Blackest Night thing where she needed to kiss Batman in order to become a Star Sapphire. Wouldn’t her love for Earth be enough?

Things have gotten wildly better since the Golden and Silver Age of comics, but it’s still a male dominated hobby, both in the industry and outside of it. Things need to vastly improve. Women can have weaknesses, but they shouldn’t be of sexual nature. In Batgirl #1, Batgirl became fearful when a bad guy pointed a gun at her abdomen. That’s perfectly acceptable. We know why she would be scared of that, and it adds depth to her. It’s not something most people would find sexually appealing. Wonder Woman being tied up is a sexually appealing thing for many people.

As it stands, I don’t really read Modern Age comics. I love the Golden Age, and even though most of the comics are wildly sexist and racist, I accept it since that was normal in 1941 America. In 2011 America things are different. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they don’t belong in this hobby. We should be able to walk into a comic shop without having every guy there look at us like we’re some rare exotic bird. Comic companies need to wake up and realize that the demographic should not be 18-35 year old men. You want more money? Realize women read comics too. Kids read comics too. Comic books should be for everyone and not 18-35 year old men.


DC Comics 52 sex controversy

September 22, 2011

As you all know by now about the “sex” controversy in this weeks new books.
As a woman who has read comic books for a long time,I can said I don’t give a crap about this.
Now,you’ll may say “but I thought you would be offended by this because you’re a fangirl?”
Well,guessed what? I’m not.
Why? you ask,here’s my reasoning:
1:These books were written and draw by men,so it’s mainly fanboy service.
2:I’m not a fan of Starfire,I am a Catwoman fan but she’s known for this kind of behavior before.
3:Not all of DC’s women are acting like this.for example Wonder Woman,Supergirl,and Batgirl are not acting like sex crazed women.
There may be a reason why DC are writing Starfire and Catwoman this way,but we don’t know yet.
What I want in a comic book is a great story & good character development.
I mainly read Marvel books,so I’m not offended by this.
If this was done to say X-23 or Sue Storm,I would be really pissed off.
And remember this:
There’s not a whole lot of female readers buying the new 52,so DC is just targeting the male readers that are buying the books.
Yes,I am reading the new DC books,but I’m not interested in reading Catwoman.
So,there you have it,my opinion on this controversy.


More sex than story in comics…

September 22, 2011

Here’s my two cents. I am in NO WAY slut-shaming Starfire. If this was a book that was intended for women, then yes I’d be a bit less critical. But guys, DC even said it. Their demographic isn’t women. And even some men are not liking what’s going on in this.

Starfire has changed from a caring, passionate woman to this frigid, sex object. Yes, sex object. She isn’t being used as a character women could honestly identify with. She is basically there for the fanservice. Which we all know, caters to men.

Alot of people have been going on to say that the people who don’t like this are slut-shaming or saying we get up in arms about sex. I have no problem with sex in a story. But it has to be tastefully done. To me, this isn’t tastefully done. Maybe we will find out later what is going on. But as of right now, as this is the first issue and DC has said its trying to pull in NEW readers, I think this was a bad way.

Let me explain something to you, DC. Your medium is dying. For a new person, they aren’t going to understand why they should pay $3-$4 for one chapter of a story every month. That’s basically what it is. And alot of the issues from this new 52, you’re reading it and going ‘wow…that was it’. For us current comic fans, we’re used to this. We know how this system works. It’s a new storyline, meaning the first issue is going to be mostly set-up.  For a new fan, they won’t see the appeal of spending their money on a 30 page comic that comes out once a month.

Also, you need substance to sell a comic. Sex can only get you so far. People read stories so that they can identify with characters and so that they can have an escape from life. In other words, the story has to have A RELATABLE THEME. I just read Catwoman and I don’t know what the fuck is going on. All I remember is Catwoman being half naked most of the issue and then her and Bruce having sex at the end. That was a TERRIBLE first issue.

DC you used to be good. You used to have Cassandra Cain’s run on Batgirl as #11 on the sales charts. Within a couple years, she went down to the upper 70s on the sales chart. You also can’t get a successful movie franchise going unless it’s Batman. You at least still do cartoons really well. But that’s about it.

You need to put alot of money into research and marketing if you haven’t already. If you do, then you’re doing something wrong. Re-structure your research department.


DC’s New 52 Panel at SDCC

July 23, 2011

Question time and everyone almost tramples each other.

Q: What’s going on with Stephanie Brown?
A: She’ll be a part of the Batman family.

Q: Will there be any character who knows what happened pre-launch?
A: Doesn’t seem like it. Jim Lee essentially says it’s counter-productive to what they are doing.

Q: Did they ever thing of doing a season or volume numbering system?
A: It came up, but it’s not something they could do.

Q:Barbara Gordon and walking.
A: Have faith in Gail Simone.

Q: Will characters stay dead?
A: Didio says it’s about moving forward. It’s about building not taking a part.

Q: Anything they were changing that made them sad?
A: Yes. No examples.

Q: Timeline questions.
A: JLA takes place 5 years in the past, and Action Comics takes place 6 months BEFORE that. The second arc of Action will be taking place at the same time as Superman. Dan mentions there will still be a Multiverse.

Q: How long before they cut off Aquaman’s hand?
A: This Aquaman will beat the crap out of us if we do that again.

Q: IS GL Rebirth canon and did GL still hit Batman?
A: Yes, and you’ll see more of that soon.

Q: Where’s Donna Troy?
A: Didio says he is not allowed to talk about her yet.

Q: Are powers being changed?
A: Certain things have been altered a tad. They want to show new ways for these characters to use their powers, like how Flash’s costumes comes out of his ring now.

Q: Are people like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick going to be active during the new 52?
A: Didio says they’re getting a rest.

Q: Kid asks why is Dick Grayson Batman.
A: Didio says he’s not and “you’re welcome.”

So notice how the questions about female character get pushed aside or cannot be answered at this time. But we can get all the freakin answers about Green Lantern, Batman and Aquaman. I think I’m going to agree with the person that said whenever DC says ‘We have a plan for them’ or ‘Cannot answer at this time’ just means they don’t have any plans for them. They just don’t matter and will be put on the back burner forever. I love Barbara and Kara as much as any DC fan but I REALLY love Stephanie Brown. And the Cassandra Cain fans love Cass so much. Why are these fan favorites always being pushed back?

As always, the misogyny that is shown by DC really grates my nerves.  Unless you are one of their big name female characters (and even then, I disapprove of how they handle their characters), you get put on the back burner.  If my sources are correct, Zatanna isn’t going to have her solo series anymore.  Probably because sales weren’t the best (I blame that on the poor writing and character development of her series).  Power Girl was a great series before Winick took over.  While some fans love Winick’s run, I preferred it before hand.  He made it way too serious.  I loved how Power Girl was a light hearted series.  Incidentally though, Winick brought Zatanna in for one issue and the storyline he had set up for her was better then any storyline I read in her own series.