More sex than story in comics…

Here’s my two cents. I am in NO WAY slut-shaming Starfire. If this was a book that was intended for women, then yes I’d be a bit less critical. But guys, DC even said it. Their demographic isn’t women. And even some men are not liking what’s going on in this.

Starfire has changed from a caring, passionate woman to this frigid, sex object. Yes, sex object. She isn’t being used as a character women could honestly identify with. She is basically there for the fanservice. Which we all know, caters to men.

Alot of people have been going on to say that the people who don’t like this are slut-shaming or saying we get up in arms about sex. I have no problem with sex in a story. But it has to be tastefully done. To me, this isn’t tastefully done. Maybe we will find out later what is going on. But as of right now, as this is the first issue and DC has said its trying to pull in NEW readers, I think this was a bad way.

Let me explain something to you, DC. Your medium is dying. For a new person, they aren’t going to understand why they should pay $3-$4 for one chapter of a story every month. That’s basically what it is. And alot of the issues from this new 52, you’re reading it and going ‘wow…that was it’. For us current comic fans, we’re used to this. We know how this system works. It’s a new storyline, meaning the first issue is going to be mostly set-up.  For a new fan, they won’t see the appeal of spending their money on a 30 page comic that comes out once a month.

Also, you need substance to sell a comic. Sex can only get you so far. People read stories so that they can identify with characters and so that they can have an escape from life. In other words, the story has to have A RELATABLE THEME. I just read Catwoman and I don’t know what the fuck is going on. All I remember is Catwoman being half naked most of the issue and then her and Bruce having sex at the end. That was a TERRIBLE first issue.

DC you used to be good. You used to have Cassandra Cain’s run on Batgirl as #11 on the sales charts. Within a couple years, she went down to the upper 70s on the sales chart. You also can’t get a successful movie franchise going unless it’s Batman. You at least still do cartoons really well. But that’s about it.

You need to put alot of money into research and marketing if you haven’t already. If you do, then you’re doing something wrong. Re-structure your research department.



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