DC Comics 52 sex controversy

As you all know by now about the “sex” controversy in this weeks new books.
As a woman who has read comic books for a long time,I can said I don’t give a crap about this.
Now,you’ll may say “but I thought you would be offended by this because you’re a fangirl?”
Well,guessed what? I’m not.
Why? you ask,here’s my reasoning:
1:These books were written and draw by men,so it’s mainly fanboy service.
2:I’m not a fan of Starfire,I am a Catwoman fan but she’s known for this kind of behavior before.
3:Not all of DC’s women are acting like this.for example Wonder Woman,Supergirl,and Batgirl are not acting like sex crazed women.
There may be a reason why DC are writing Starfire and Catwoman this way,but we don’t know yet.
What I want in a comic book is a great story & good character development.
I mainly read Marvel books,so I’m not offended by this.
If this was done to say X-23 or Sue Storm,I would be really pissed off.
And remember this:
There’s not a whole lot of female readers buying the new 52,so DC is just targeting the male readers that are buying the books.
Yes,I am reading the new DC books,but I’m not interested in reading Catwoman.
So,there you have it,my opinion on this controversy.




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