Moon Prism Power Now At Hot Topic

Hey everyone! Look!

Do you see what I see? Why, I see a $60 Halloween Sailor Moon costume! Now, I’ve seen and heard many a Moonie rage over this costume, but let’s sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for a second.

1- It’s a Halloween costume. Sure, it will be worn to anime conventions. But, I doubt the person buying this will be entering it into a cosplay contest.

2- It actually looks like the child version costume that was released 14 years ago. 14 years ago I was 11, so I didn’t buy that version. NOW I CAN. HAHAHA.

3- It’s $60. While that price point seems out of line, most Halloween costumes are in the $40-60 range. True story, unless you buy your costumes at Wal-Mart.

4- Again, it’s a Halloween costume. I don’t know of any Halloween costume that’s actually made well. No really, I don’t.

5- Look at it this way; Sailor Moon is back in the USA. With the manga release and all of the merch that is due out later this year, you should be thankful. I know I am, since I can finally get trashed dressed up as Sailor Moon without worrying about fucking up a $200+ costume I had made for me.




2 Responses to “Moon Prism Power Now At Hot Topic”

  1. nocutename Says:

    I like to stop by and read your blog from time to time. However, what is up with all the F-bombing? I have a truck driver’s mouth too but in print it just looks tacky, IMO.

    Anyway, love the Sailor Moon costume. Someone over at the Sailor Moon fan boards posted pics wearing the costume. It really looks cute on.

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    I’m going to continue to use foul language every now and again on this blog. It’s a blog about comic books, so I have a hard time taking it seriously to begin with. As far as it being tacky goes, why thank you. My idol John Waters would be ever so proud of that.

    I saw the costume at Hot Topic. It lived up to everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be. I’ll buy it when it goes on sale (50% off the day after Halloween) and cherish it forever.


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