DC 52 reviews

I may as well write my DC 52 review.

I’ll start with the title I was interested in reading-Swamp Thing #1

We see that Alec Holland and Swamp Thing are separate beings,(which I found very neat)
We also see cameos from the main heroes.
Story I thought was good for the first issue.
I’m starting to like Scott Snyder writing this series.

Overall this is a great first issue and for Swamp Thing fans.
I give it 5 out of 5

Next is Animal Man #1
I thought I was going to hate this book,but to my surprise I loved it.
We start off with Animal Man reading is an interview with his wife.
Then he has to go stop a crazed man in a children’s hospital.
I wouldn’t spoil the rest of the issue,but let’s just say I was a bit surprised by the ending.

Overall this is a another great first issue.
5 out of 5

Next is Batgirl #1
This is the book that’s gotten a lot of attention,mainly because Barbara Gordon is no longer paraplegic(I really don’t care,but that’s for another time)
The Story begins with a new foe who calls himself Mirror.
And he’s killing those are on his list.
We also see that the he’s now after Barbara Gordon.
Then we see that the events of The Killing Joke did happen and she was paraplegic.
But she can now walk(I want to know how she got to walk again??)
I like the writing from Gail Simone.
The art is good too.

Overall this a good issue and I think fans of Barbara Gordon will like this series too.

4 out of 5

Next is Action Comics #1
I don’t read nor do I like Superman,mainly because he’s too perfect.
But Grant Morrison is one of my favorite writers,so I picked up the book.
I must say this was a very good book.
I love the fact that Superman is not the perfect hero he was written of the years.
He’s more of a vigilante than a superhero.
He works for a rival newspaper.
Grant Morrison got me to read a really good book.

Overall this was a good read.
4 out of 5

Next is Detective Comics #1
I really can’t say much of this issue because it was boring at the beginning,but it got interesting at the end.

Book was ok,but it could have been better.
3 out of 5

Last book is Static Shock #1
I didn’t like the book all that much.
I would skip this book,unless you’re a fan of the character.
2 out of 5

Well,that’s the end of my DC 52 review.
Hopefully I’ll post more comic reviews in the future.




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