DC’s New 52 Panel at SDCC

Question time and everyone almost tramples each other.

Q: What’s going on with Stephanie Brown?
A: She’ll be a part of the Batman family.

Q: Will there be any character who knows what happened pre-launch?
A: Doesn’t seem like it. Jim Lee essentially says it’s counter-productive to what they are doing.

Q: Did they ever thing of doing a season or volume numbering system?
A: It came up, but it’s not something they could do.

Q:Barbara Gordon and walking.
A: Have faith in Gail Simone.

Q: Will characters stay dead?
A: Didio says it’s about moving forward. It’s about building not taking a part.

Q: Anything they were changing that made them sad?
A: Yes. No examples.

Q: Timeline questions.
A: JLA takes place 5 years in the past, and Action Comics takes place 6 months BEFORE that. The second arc of Action will be taking place at the same time as Superman. Dan mentions there will still be a Multiverse.

Q: How long before they cut off Aquaman’s hand?
A: This Aquaman will beat the crap out of us if we do that again.

Q: IS GL Rebirth canon and did GL still hit Batman?
A: Yes, and you’ll see more of that soon.

Q: Where’s Donna Troy?
A: Didio says he is not allowed to talk about her yet.

Q: Are powers being changed?
A: Certain things have been altered a tad. They want to show new ways for these characters to use their powers, like how Flash’s costumes comes out of his ring now.

Q: Are people like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick going to be active during the new 52?
A: Didio says they’re getting a rest.

Q: Kid asks why is Dick Grayson Batman.
A: Didio says he’s not and “you’re welcome.”

So notice how the questions about female character get pushed aside or cannot be answered at this time. But we can get all the freakin answers about Green Lantern, Batman and Aquaman. I think I’m going to agree with the person that said whenever DC says ‘We have a plan for them’ or ‘Cannot answer at this time’ just means they don’t have any plans for them. They just don’t matter and will be put on the back burner forever. I love Barbara and Kara as much as any DC fan but I REALLY love Stephanie Brown. And the Cassandra Cain fans love Cass so much. Why are these fan favorites always being pushed back?

As always, the misogyny that is shown by DC really grates my nerves.  Unless you are one of their big name female characters (and even then, I disapprove of how they handle their characters), you get put on the back burner.  If my sources are correct, Zatanna isn’t going to have her solo series anymore.  Probably because sales weren’t the best (I blame that on the poor writing and character development of her series).  Power Girl was a great series before Winick took over.  While some fans love Winick’s run, I preferred it before hand.  He made it way too serious.  I loved how Power Girl was a light hearted series.  Incidentally though, Winick brought Zatanna in for one issue and the storyline he had set up for her was better then any storyline I read in her own series.



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