Batman vs. Wolverine

So there’s a video on YouTube where a group of people (two guys, two girls) are talking about who would win in a fight. Batman or Wolverine. The video intrigued me since I love Batman, and oh look! Women! That’s pretty fantastic. So everyone gives their opinion on who will win and blah blah blah. There was no real in-depth discussion. Just Wolverine can heal fast and Batman is smart.The women vote for Batman, the men vote for Wolverine. If the Batman wins the men have to dress like Burt Ward era Robin and have a pillow fight. If Wolverine wins, the women will “Dress in sexy costumes and have a pillow fight.” You had me up until that part.

The actual fight between Batman and Wolverine though is really well done. The costumes and action were spot on. If the video was nothing but this without the banter before and after, it would be epic. Perhaps the special effects crew of “X-Men Origins” could take a few notes on how to make stuff look real.

Wolverine wins. So the ladies dress up in sexy costumes and pillow fight.

I usually don’t get offended easily (honestly I’m still on the fence on if I’m just annoyed or offended) but for the love of Batman.  Dressing up in sexy costumes and pillow fighting? Is that what I want non comic book geeks thinking about me and other women in the hobby? Ladies, you have lost all credibility with me. Way to make it about sex when in the end, it isn’t. I’ve been in plenty of “who would win” debates. Some I’ve won and some I’ve lost. But I’ve never made it fundamentally about “HEY I’M A GIRL! I HAVE BOOBS! I LIKE COMICS TEE HEE!” because that’s stupid and not classy. I firmly believe you can be a nerd and catch a guys attention without dressing like a superhero and having a pillow fight. Use your nerdy brains. That’s amazingly attractive.


You can find the video here. It is well done, but I seriously question the people in this video.



2 Responses to “Batman vs. Wolverine”

  1. Girls with Comics Says:

    Hmm……It does sound sexist (not cool 😦 )
    But Wolverine will always beat Batman (No offends Lauren lol )


  2. Dan / Lunar Says:

    Got a few fictional matchups I made on my facebook. Check out my albums if you get spare time. 🙂

    ~Dan A

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