Otakon 2011

Jokingly I call this FightCon 2011 since I had to verbally beat someone down almost every day. One guy told my friend to go fuck herself, another guy was bothering my photographer friend (not Pat), and one dealer was selling Nazi stuff. Not stuff from Hellsing or Hetalia, straight up Adolph Hitler-wore-that-shit Nazi stuff.

I worked in the dealer’s room for majority of the con. I went to no panels, rarely met up with people, and didn’t even get a program guide. From a dealers point of view, this is a great con to come and clear out old anime and manga, and make some money. From what I could tell however, there was not much in the ways of deals going on. The one thing anime convention dealers have never gotten the hang of, was actually giving out good deals. Comic dealers seem to have it down to a science, but anime dealers have no idea what that means.

The panels were pretty boring; I skipped out on the FUNimation one, and only caught a few minutes of a few other ones. Otakon also overlapped big events from what I was hearing. A concert, the masquerade, and the Full Metal Alchemist movie were all shown at the same time on Saturday. Whomever made the schedule dropped the ball on that. One big plus was that they used the Hilton as extra con space, but that still didn’t help with the crowds. Otakon needs to start capping attendance again. There were many points during the weekend where you could not walk anywhere because of the crowds.

The cosplay was both good and bad, but what do you expect. Overall, I had a great con. I can’t wait for next year.

And now, some pictures.



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