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US Supreme Court + Video Games = controlled substance?

September 4, 2010

The Escapist magazine has a new video on Free Speech and Video Games. It’s actually a srs business video discussing the fact that California’s law preventing minors from purchasing video games with “violent conduct,” basically claiming that video games contain zero artistic value, and they “do harm” to minors. Go, watch it, then come back.
What, I’m not going to go on until you watch it.

Sorry, I can’t embed it, just click the link.

okay. This video is actually pretty important material. If video games can be censored for “harming children,” who are “clearly unable to make choices for themselves,” where does that leave the rest of pop culture material?

In the first place, if you are a minor, why do you have real purchasing power? Minors, those under the age of 18, generally speaking, can’t hold jobs. Without being able to hold a job, how do they have money of their own? Allowances? Parents, in my opinion, should be monitoring what their children are spending their money on, because there is no law saying you have to give a child an allowance. If your 12 year old is using his monthly allowance to purchase a violent video game, I think you should know this!! How is your 12 year old getting to the store? How are they coming home and playing that game without you, as a parent, knowing?? They don’t! They can’t! They’re CHILDREN.

So lets say your minor is 16 years old and is working at ShopRite. Or wherever. Sixteen, a whole two years younger than eighteen, is a world of difference. Yet, part of what I mentioned before still stands. How can you have no idea what kinds of entertainment your child is choosing? And, as a parent, isn’t it your responsibility to control or influence that in some way? Or decide that your child is indeed mature enough to play this game and be fully aware that they aren’t going to go out and blow people away because that’s what they do?

Beyond that point, in general employees at game shops will often advise parents of the content of a game if they know that the game is being purchased for a minor. Games also have a rating system from the ESRB. Games are rated Early childhood, Everyone, Everyone over the age of 10, Teen (13+), Mature, Adults Only, and Rating Pending. It’s not like this rating is obscure. It is denoted on the front of the game, and EXPLAINED on the back of the game. Parents who are too ignorant to see this shouldn’t be blaming the game for being violent, they should be blaming THEMSELVES for NOT SEEING the fact that the game CALLS ITSELF violent!

If games are going to be censored or controlled by the government, then what says that other forms of entertainment, such as movies, COMICS, books and television are not going to become targets of this kind of legislature? If games harm minors, who can’t make decisions for the good of themselves, then why don’t comics fall under that? Why are movies exempt? They are….for now. But if this follows through, it opens the door for censorship across all entertainment genres, and sets up a legislation that permits violation of the First Amendment of our Constitution. Which is definitely Bad News Bears.

Essentially, I don’t understand why this case is making it to the Supreme Court. It simply, logically, legally, makes no sense. If you’re interested in hearing more and/or helping the cause, please visit this site:



Han’s Baltimore Comic Con Report

September 3, 2010

Baltimore was a great convention overall. It was super enjoyable, a very low-key group of attendees, the set up was spread out a little wider this year (yay for not block aisles!) and there were no creepy people that you didn’t know why they were there. It was, in all essence of the word, a COMIC CONVENTION. What a refreshing taste!

However, it did definitely have its downs, regardless of whether they were by the convention itself or its attendees or exhibitors. The layout was rather confusing and, in my opinion, not particularly effective. It was pretty tough to find people that you were looking for. The food section was also confusing, as there were two places that were selling food, and one place actually had a place to sit. Trash was hard to come by, and what I did see was a short cardboard box with a bag. Granted, the bags were cleared out routinely, but you really had to search for ’em. (It’s the little things that bother me, like carrying around trash for two hours.) I’ve also decided that I’ve been slightly spoiled by Wizard giving you a bag of swag when you get there: not having anything from BCC made the first day kind of hard. It looks like I’ll need to get myself a bag! The costume contest ran for three hours, which in my opinion is a tad bit too long, but you can’t really help it when you have a hundred entrants. There just has to be another way to do it!

I didn’t find very many comics I was interested in, and wasn’t impressed with the prices of the Harley Quinn comics, so I didn’t buy any of them. The t-shirt vendor that goes to all the cons is still lacking in Harley Quinn womens’ shirts, so I also didn’t buy anything from there. It also seemed like the artists who were in AA were very much self promoting, I didn’t see quite as much “fan art” as I normally do, so my collection of HQ sketch cards only increased by one this year.

Overall, yes I had a fantastic time. The increase of space was great, and the wristband security was really reasonable. I hid my wristband under my costume pieces and nobody had a problem with it. The con definitely had diverse tables and attendees, but I feel that something small, some tiny bit of enthusiasm for being there was missing this year.

Maybe it was just cuz I was nauseous. =P


PS: I got a picture with Adam Hughes. And you didn’t. ((And he recognized my casual cosplay!))

East Hanover Comic Expo

August 23, 2010

Yesterday was the East Hanover Comic Expo in New Jersey, right off Rt. 10. The New Jersey Comic Book Shows have been around for many years, but this was the first I’ve heard of them. It was about an hour away, so my father and I both went to check it out.

It was a small room in a Ramada Inn off rt 10, and there were quite literally comics from wall to wall. Personally, I am more of a modern comic collector, and my dad really kind of went for the nostalgia aspect. I was kind of surprised though, the huge majority of the comics were gold, silver and bronze age. Tons of silver and bronze comics, and not that many moderns. I did manage to snag two Gotham City Sirens books I was looking for though.

An auction started at noon, which included tons of trade paperbacks, stacks of comics, statues, artwork, a long box and a short box of comics and some other goodies. Everything that came off that auction really was a steal! I won a Catwoman statue , which  made me pretty happy.

There was a comic that Dad saw, I can’t recall the title. It was one of Iron Man and Superman together. I want to try to find that for him…remembering the title of the comic though, would be quite useful. I’ll keep an eye out for it at Bmore next week!


My New Star Trek Obsession

August 18, 2010

I’m completely obsessed with Star Trek. I just though I should throw that out there. In honor of my new obsession, I thought I would share this lovely tidbit with you. Enjoy.


Thor trailer leaked

July 29, 2010

Did you see it? They have all been taken off within about an hour of being shared on the interwebz, but it keeps coming up on other sites as well. I managed to catch a viewing of the extended trailer that was shown at San Diego. If you caught a view of it, what did you think?

I was impressed by the special effects and the costuming. Odin’s gold eye patch deal looked a little lame/strange, but otherwise, the costume concepts and designs for the gods looked really great. They were definitely believable to be the outfits of Norse Gods, and the translation from the page to the screen was fairly effective. Special effects so far look fantastic, so on that end the trailer really excites me. I love that Aussie actor, and think he was a great selection.

In terms of the story presented to be in the trailer, it is not what I was expecting nor necessarily aligned with what I know of Thor. However, this can easily be explained in one of two ways: First, movie trailers hardly ever really tell you what a movie is about anymore, and second, they could be making up new storylines.

…the second would not surprise me.

But, any way it goes, we’ll see the fruition of the Thor labors within the year: Release date is May 6, 2011. I’m damned excited. 😀


Wizard World Philly 2010

June 3, 2010

I will be there as well.

If you see me in Harley Quinn costume and don’t take a picture or say hi, I will be severely disappointed.

And I pity the fool that stands between me and Lauren when I see her.


(Yes, I felt I am important enough to get my own damn post about this. 😀 )

iPad meets comics?

April 2, 2010

So according to several sources (so I definitely believe it) Marvel has released a comic-reading app for the iPad. They are providing 500 books on the network for purchase and perusing, allowing readers to read the first few pages before deciding whether or not to buy the book and read it on their iPad for $1.99. The books have been re-colored and digitized to be read on the iPad, and readers can “flip” pages by swiping across the screen, and are able to zoom in on the “pages.” They’ve included a couple of free comics, including a comic for the chilluns.

Is it just me, or is that disturbing?

I don’t like the Kindle for a similar reason I suppose. The only people who can USE the app are the people who can AFFORD the technology that supports it. If enough people can afford it, the amount of paperback publishing will decrease, to the point that LCSs can get in trouble if they don’t have clientele willing to still purchase through them, etc. In terms of the Kindle, it lowers the number of people who are reading hard copy books, and even further detriments the library system here. The whole thing frustrates me terribly, because people who can’t afford the technology are going to be forced to simply not have access to a hobby they enjoy.

I blame the Kindle for all of this. Amazon, I hate you. D<


I read comics once.

March 29, 2010

Maybe some day I’ll manage to read another one. So far, no luck finding comics in Turkey. But I did see a small boychild walking around with a black bat on his chest a few weeks ago…



March 1, 2010

Please come home safe and sound soon! I miss you lots! I also hope you have an amazing birthday.

And now, a cheesy photo!

Turkey & comics?

February 7, 2010

I’m in Turkey now, for my semester abroad.

I’m going to try to find a Turkish comic book store. Wiki says there are comics. We shall see. That is all for now.