Thor trailer leaked

Did you see it? They have all been taken off within about an hour of being shared on the interwebz, but it keeps coming up on other sites as well. I managed to catch a viewing of the extended trailer that was shown at San Diego. If you caught a view of it, what did you think?

I was impressed by the special effects and the costuming. Odin’s gold eye patch deal looked a little lame/strange, but otherwise, the costume concepts and designs for the gods looked really great. They were definitely believable to be the outfits of Norse Gods, and the translation from the page to the screen was fairly effective. Special effects so far look fantastic, so on that end the trailer really excites me. I love that Aussie actor, and think he was a great selection.

In terms of the story presented to be in the trailer, it is not what I was expecting nor necessarily aligned with what I know of Thor. However, this can easily be explained in one of two ways: First, movie trailers hardly ever really tell you what a movie is about anymore, and second, they could be making up new storylines.

…the second would not surprise me.

But, any way it goes, we’ll see the fruition of the Thor labors within the year: Release date is May 6, 2011. I’m damned excited. 😀




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