Han’s Baltimore Comic Con Report

Baltimore was a great convention overall. It was super enjoyable, a very low-key group of attendees, the set up was spread out a little wider this year (yay for not block aisles!) and there were no creepy people that you didn’t know why they were there. It was, in all essence of the word, a COMIC CONVENTION. What a refreshing taste!

However, it did definitely have its downs, regardless of whether they were by the convention itself or its attendees or exhibitors. The layout was rather confusing and, in my opinion, not particularly effective. It was pretty tough to find people that you were looking for. The food section was also confusing, as there were two places that were selling food, and one place actually had a place to sit. Trash was hard to come by, and what I did see was a short cardboard box with a bag. Granted, the bags were cleared out routinely, but you really had to search for ’em. (It’s the little things that bother me, like carrying around trash for two hours.) I’ve also decided that I’ve been slightly spoiled by Wizard giving you a bag of swag when you get there: not having anything from BCC made the first day kind of hard. It looks like I’ll need to get myself a bag! The costume contest ran for three hours, which in my opinion is a tad bit too long, but you can’t really help it when you have a hundred entrants. There just has to be another way to do it!

I didn’t find very many comics I was interested in, and wasn’t impressed with the prices of the Harley Quinn comics, so I didn’t buy any of them. The t-shirt vendor that goes to all the cons is still lacking in Harley Quinn womens’ shirts, so I also didn’t buy anything from there. It also seemed like the artists who were in AA were very much self promoting, I didn’t see quite as much “fan art” as I normally do, so my collection of HQ sketch cards only increased by one this year.

Overall, yes I had a fantastic time. The increase of space was great, and the wristband security was really reasonable. I hid my wristband under my costume pieces and nobody had a problem with it. The con definitely had diverse tables and attendees, but I feel that something small, some tiny bit of enthusiasm for being there was missing this year.

Maybe it was just cuz I was nauseous. =P


PS: I got a picture with Adam Hughes. And you didn’t. ((And he recognized my casual cosplay!))



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