I found this on a Facebook update…

So clearly this is out of context. However, it is in context for this post!

” G4 TV’s
Abbie Heppe was very critical of the game, rating it a 2 out of 5 on
the grounds that the gameplay was “mediocre”, and stating that the
portrayal of Samus is “sexist,” insulting to female gamers and
inconsistent with the rest of the series.”

First, I don’t take G4 seriously. I’m not sure why Abbie Heppe finds Samus sexist, perhaps she could write us geeks a 5 page essay on how a strong, female lead in an action video game is sexist. I’ve played Metroid, and frankly this bitch kicks more ass than Mega Man or Snake. Her body armor is also really bad ass. Frankly you can’t even drool over her body most of the time, because she’s in that bulky armor. Samus is also one of the major (and one of the first) female protagonists in a video game. That’s pretty important, and I don’t find that to be sexist. Perhaps, Abbie, that you should blow the sexist horn on something else. Maybe Princess Peach. As a female I find it sexist that she is constantly abducted by a giant lizard-turtle hybrid, and always needs to be saved by a short, fat Italian plumber.




2 Responses to “I found this on a Facebook update…”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Before I start. I loved the game! I thought the gameplay was very solid and on hard mode ITS VERY DIFFICULT.

    But did read / watch the article


    The defended very well why the game is sexist compared to previous Metroids.

    In this game they make Samus look weak and uncertain. She finds alot of inferiority with Adam, also she has all the weapons and will not activate them till her C.O. tells her. Kinda stupid when you running around the lava area and they will not activate your special armor. 😦

    But ya….she seems like a bitch:

    “If I heard somebody say that they liked that characterization, I would probably not want to speak to them or be friends with them ever again.”

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    I know when I’m running around lava I don’t need special armour! 😀 … D:

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