East Hanover Comic Expo

Yesterday was the East Hanover Comic Expo in New Jersey, right off Rt. 10. The New Jersey Comic Book Shows have been around for many years, but this was the first I’ve heard of them. It was about an hour away, so my father and I both went to check it out.

It was a small room in a Ramada Inn off rt 10, and there were quite literally comics from wall to wall. Personally, I am more of a modern comic collector, and my dad really kind of went for the nostalgia aspect. I was kind of surprised though, the huge majority of the comics were gold, silver and bronze age. Tons of silver and bronze comics, and not that many moderns. I did manage to snag two Gotham City Sirens books I was looking for though.

An auction started at noon, which included tons of trade paperbacks, stacks of comics, statues, artwork, a long box and a short box of comics and some other goodies. Everything that came off that auction really was a steal! I won a Catwoman statue , which  made me pretty happy.

There was a comic that Dad saw, I can’t recall the title. It was one of Iron Man and Superman together. I want to try to find that for him…remembering the title of the comic though, would be quite useful. I’ll keep an eye out for it at Bmore next week!




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