Should you invest in a Showcase 22?

Right now, Showcase 22 (the first Silver Age Green Lantern, aka the hotness known as Hal Jordan) is on everyone’s comic want list. You see, every time a studio announces a comic book movie is coming out, 9 times out of 10 the comic itself goes up in value. Right now (without the help of the movie), Green Lantern IS a hot comic, with the Blackest Night series and what have you.

Traditionally prices on key comics from a comic movie’s history will go up in value. Before Watchmen came out, Watchmen comics were selling for $300-500 on auction sites. After the movie came out prices cooled down to $130-150, which is much more realistic and affordable. On the flip side, Iron Man comics went up in value, and actually stayed there even after the movie came out. If you’re wondering about Batman, well frankly Detective 27 and Batman 1 comics will always be top dollar comics, since they are Golden Age books and are therefore more rare than Silver Age and newer.

Right now prices are nuts for Showcase 22, no matter what the grade. I saw a CGC 3.0 at a con, going for $1,000. That’s insane. When prices are reaching what the fuck levels, chances are good the book will drop in value after the movie comes out. My advice to you, the general reader, is to wait it out. Showcase 22 is NOT a rare book. It is a key book for sure, but it’s no Action 1. Prices should lower or stay about the same after the movie comes out (honestly, there’s potential for this movie to suck balls). Don’t be like all of those Watchmen kids who bought the set for $300 only to sell it months later for $150. It happens, don’t let it happen to you!


*I realize Watchmen and Showcase 22 are on different playing fields, but at the end of the day the average Joe is going to look at you and I and go “Why the fuck are you paying hundreds of dollars for a comic.”



2 Responses to “Should you invest in a Showcase 22?”

  1. John Says:

    Showcase 22 is rare in any grade higher than 5.0, but fairly easy to find in 4.0 or less. My expectations are pretty high for the movie. The sucky Jonah Hex movie really didn’t devalue his first app in comics as well. I don’t really expect prices to drop as GL books have been undervalued for quite sometime.

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    Would I like to see GL jump in value? Yes, of course. That means my GL books would go up in price as well. However, I’m trying to be not so optimistic, just in case that doesn’t happen! hah!

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