iPad meets comics?

So according to several sources (so I definitely believe it) Marvel has released a comic-reading app for the iPad. They are providing 500 books on the network for purchase and perusing, allowing readers to read the first few pages before deciding whether or not to buy the book and read it on their iPad for $1.99. The books have been re-colored and digitized to be read on the iPad, and readers can “flip” pages by swiping across the screen, and are able to zoom in on the “pages.” They’ve included a couple of free comics, including a comic for the chilluns.

Is it just me, or is that disturbing?

I don’t like the Kindle for a similar reason I suppose. The only people who can USE the app are the people who can AFFORD the technology that supports it. If enough people can afford it, the amount of paperback publishing will decrease, to the point that LCSs can get in trouble if they don’t have clientele willing to still purchase through them, etc. In terms of the Kindle, it lowers the number of people who are reading hard copy books, and even further detriments the library system here. The whole thing frustrates me terribly, because people who can’t afford the technology are going to be forced to simply not have access to a hobby they enjoy.

I blame the Kindle for all of this. Amazon, I hate you. D<




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