On Comic Movies

We’ve all heard/read some major comic fan freak out over the way Green Hornet, Thor, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Watchmen, all these movies have done SOMEthing that has terribly wronged the fans and they changed the story and HOW COULD THEY THE HORROR!!!

Honestly, I don’t mind when comic movies change origin stories or the way that things have to. The producers can’t be expected to make serial movies, the way comic fans are used to when they read comic books. There needs to be definitive beginning-middle-end or the movies will lose the interest of the non-comic=fan movie goers. A huge majority of people honestly don’t follow, understand or care about the comics the way comic fans do. That majority is actually the ones going to see the movies. Besides: comic fans can never agree on anything, so trying to please the lot would only be bad news bears for the box office.

Also, I love the movies because it gives my father, who doesn’t have the time to read comics, a chance feel young, enjoy time with me and stay entertained by something he loved so dearly as a child.

The recent box office numbers on the last couple of comic movies are starting to frighten me. Oversaturation is becoming a very real thread to the open floodgates of comic movies, and the general public might be getting kind of sick and tired of these movies. Yes it’s fun, but I really think Marvel needs to slow down on their releases. They’re shooting themselves in the foot with it.




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