Han’s Movie Thoughts: Thor

I enjoyed it.

It was entertaining and I’m glad I went. I loved the inside jokes referencing the Iron Man movies, I thought the costumes were REALLY cool, and I LOVED the development of the other planets.

I’m a huge romance dweeb, so I do like when movies have a romantic side plot. But this one was really forced. So she fell in love with him because he was majorly cut and had a nice smile? That’s….super shallow. 😐 C’mon, she’s supposed to be some scientific genius girl, and you make her fall in love with him in the single evening scene of him telling her unbelievable stories about space. Mmmmkay…..

Otherwise, I at least enjoyed the explosions and how the movie showed both on earth and on Asgard. The opening was REALLY weird though….I think it probably would have worked better WITHOUT the strange flashback. There was too much plot in between flashing back and forward, so IMO it didn’t work. I am curious to see the Director’s Cut of this movie. I have a feeling it may be better.




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