DC Is Rebooting!


The reboot is starting up around the end of Aug/beginning of Sept.  That is going to be around Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con won’t be too far behind it.

My feelings on this are so torn.  I’m half laughing because I can’t believe they are really doing a reboot.  And I’m half curious because I want to see what they are going to do.

Cyborg looks to be joining the Justice League as part of the team.  I’m kinda excited for that.  Maybe give more to Cyborg’s character.  Reading this article I shared above I feel a little better about them revamping.  It seems they are going to try for more character-driven stories which I felt DC’s titles lacked alot of times.  Marvel had no problem giving us character-driven stories as opposed to event-driven which seems to dominate DC Universe more.  And hopefully they can lighten up on the pointless angst.  Because I did not appreciate what happened to Ice in Generation Lost.  Let’s hope everything will be revamped for the better!



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