The Flash: Rebirth

Finally, after being all over Hal Jordan and the rest of the GL crew, DC has decided to shift focus on another character, The Flash. With the new Flashpoint series DC is currently pushing (and I’m currently not buying until a graphic novel comes out), I picked up the newish graphic novel, The Flash: Rebirth. Plus, it was $5 for a hardcover at a convention, so really how could I say no.

Barry Allen is back, from outer space. I’m sure Wally West was thinking maybe he should have changed that stupid lock, or maybe made him leave his key, but Barry is back! And there’s going to be various parades welcoming The Flash home. However all is not right in the world; Two scientists are killed, some other bad crap happens, and any one else who can run fast as hell is turning into dust when Barry touches them. As it would turn out, Professor Thawne, who is an evil, yellow Flash, is trying to destroy Barry and his whole world, by going back in time and killing or changing everything he loves. So, it’s up to Barry and the rest of the Flash family to stop Thawne in order to save the world.

I found the story to be a little confusing. A lot is happening in here; Barry is the main focus, but that doesn’t mean the other guys who also call themselves The Flash don’t get attention either. And that’s where I think this series has its biggest flaw; There is too much going on all at once. Something is wrong with Irey; Something is wrong with Jay; Something is wrong with everyone else who can run fast as hell, and somehow, it is all connected to Barry Allen. The core concept is clear as day; Barry Allen is brought back to life, and he has to prove himself worthy of being back by defeating Thawne. Everything else added in here just seems like extra garbage; which is a shame, because I genuinely like Barry Allen and Wally West.

Still, if you stumble on this book in a $5 bin, it’s worth a read. Some parts of it are amazing, but some of it will leave you thinking ‘What the dick is that.’




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