Han’s Avenger Review

Avengers. There is a God.

There is also a WWII super soldier, a billionaire playboy philanthropist, a giant green monster, a super archer and a Russian martial artist spy type gal.

Hah, you see what I did there?
Anyway, my father came down on May 4th to watch the movie with me. I screamed. I laughed. I got teary eyed. And I cannot wait to see it again and to catch the director’s cut. The movie was phenomenal, and I’m sure there are even more little things that will come out in the director’s cut that will only add to the movie.

The part I found most interesting about the movie was the even, unique balance between each character. Nobody was really at the forefront of anybody else, which is incredibly difficult. I was afraid Stark would have ended up front and center through everything, but that was not the case. I was very pleased.

Although I would have liked to have seen a little more out of Hawkeye, it makes sense why things happened the way they did.

I did say it would happen though–shawarma sales are experiencing record highs right now. I’m curious how many people had actually heard of the dish before seeing this movie….




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