Don’t Hit Your Junk With a Stick

On Free Comic Book Day 2012, Mike Riley of I Taste Sound ( was nice enough to give me a copy of his new 24 page book, ‘I Taste Sound Presents…Peener Sticks World Cup’. It’s no secret that I find his comics to be really funny.

‘Peener Sticks World Cup’ was born out of a single panel comic he drew some two years ago, which shows three young boys toppled over in pain after hitting each other in the junk with sticks. In a not so distant future, Peener Stick teams from all across the world must compete for the Peener Sticks World Cup. We see team America battle France, Germany, and the “evil” Russians. It’s safe to assume everyone else from other parts of the globe were eliminated early on. But if you’re really wondering why Japan isn’t represented in this comic, I think you’re reading too much into this. The comic is an easy funny read. The art is much like the rest of his I Taste Sound stuff. Simple but effective. The writing style is also creative. One of the characters talks like a baby, and while I had trouble reading some of his lines at times, it adds a little bit of character to these guys. I could also point out that team America wears diapers through the whole thing. I don’t think that has any real meaning what so ever, but there you go. Diapers. There’s no real moral of this comic, other than hitting yourself in the junk with a stick really hurts.

The comic is available on the website for $3.99.




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