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What The Hell is Bane Saying

December 21, 2011

Someone please tell me.




What I’m looking forward to in 2012.

December 14, 2011

I have a list of movies I’m looking forward seeing in 2012:

1.The Dark Knight Rises (Catwoman,Bane,Nolan’s last Batman film,God I can’t wait till 2012)

2.The Avengers (Captain America,Thor,Iron Man,Hulk,Black Widow,and Hawkeye in one movie.Plus I want to see Cap say “AVENGERS ASSEMBLE” on the big screen)

3.Amazing Spider-Man (While I like Raimi’s films,I’m liking what they’re doing for this reboot)

4.The Hobbit (I’m a fan of the LOTR movies,so I’m looking forward to this prequel)


I can’t think of any other movie I was to see in 2012.



Captain America

July 22, 2011

Was fantastic.

The plot was also another highlight. It was easy as pie to follow. America needs super soldiers to help stop Hitler and Hydra and the rest of those crazy assholes we all know about from World War 2. Thus, Steve Rogers is turned into Captain America. Pretty easy.

I saw the regular 2D version at midnight, and was not let down. The best thing about this movie is how much heart it has. Chris Evans does a great job as scrawny Steve Rogers, and does an equally great job as well, himself without a shirt on. It was humbling to see Captain America make mistakes, and bumbles around at first. The almost God like complex he has in the comics is missing. He’s not perfect, he makes mistakes, and he get’s tossed around a lot, even as Captain America. Fans will get a kick out of the throwback Timely costume he wears at one point, and you’ll even get a glimpse at one of the Timely Cap comics. He even punches a fake Hitler a few times. His relationship with Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan) was touching, and well executed by both actors. While you don’t get a back story on Bucky, you can’t help but enjoy the chemistry the two have on-screen, and you will be touched by Caps loyalty and love for Bucky.

I also enjoyed how good the script was. None of the lines were terribly corny, which was a pleasant surprise from movies such as Thor and Green Lantern. Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips delivered some of the best lines in the movie. My favorite was this:

Doctor: What is this?
Phillips: Steak.
Doctor: What’s in it?
Phillips: Cow!

Every character was well thought out and executed beautifully by whomever played them. Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark was funny and charming, much like RDJs Tony Stark. Hayley Atwell was splendid as Peggy Carter, who was one bad ass woman in this movie. Also, I need to give a special shout to the Howling Commandos. They all looked like how they do in the comic book. It was amazing, and I really enjoyed it.

Of course this movie is worth seeing, so go see it.


Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer.

July 21, 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man teaser trailer is out,so here’s the trailer:

I must say it looks pretty good.
I may even like this one better than Sam Raimi’s version.
I’m going to have to wait till the full trailer is release before I make my decision.



Karl Urban as Judge Dredd.

July 18, 2011

As you may know I’m a Judge Dredd fan (Check out Brian Bolland’s cover art)
Anyway,here’s a pic of Karl Urban as Judge Dredd:

I hope this movie is better than the god awful 1995 movie.


The Avengers trailer

July 17, 2011

Fairly certain this will get pulled quickly, but seriously. Check it out.


Between the last Nolan Batman film and this, next summer is going to blow the balls off of this one. Hurry the hell up, 2012!


Transformers 3

July 3, 2011

This movie is, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve had in a theater this year. I saw the movie in 3D, which was a good idea.

The plot is kind of muddled and doesn’t make much sense, but from what I got out of it, way back in the day an Autobot ship escaped Cybertron, but crashed on the moon. Some important Americans you should have learned about in history class flew up into space, explored the crash site, and left. The ship was carrying the former leader of the Autobots, and some kind of robot bridge that would have saved Cybertron and won the war. After Optimus Prime learns that his former leader is up on the moon, he gets angry at the humans for hiding it from him. They rescue the robot, revive him, and some bad shit happens. I can’t really give much else away because that would be giving away some major spoilers, sorry. Just know there’s a lot of plot holes, some questionable things that somehow don’t follow the other two movies, and Leonard Nimoy plays the lost Autobot leader. Also some of the humans in the movie were working with the Decepticons the whole time, and Chicago gets destroyed.

However, I don’t go into these movies expecting a plot or something that would make sense. I go in for giant robots fucking each other up. And you know what? That’s what I got. In 3D. Optimus Prime kicks serious ass in this movie, as does Bumblebee. There’s some new Autobots in the film, and we have no idea who they are or why they suddenly showed up. Some familiar robot faces also die in this movie. I’m a big enough person to admit I shed a tear at one scene. Over a CGI robot. The action scenes were pretty killer, and the human scenes were surprisingly really funny. This movie is by far the best of the three, which isn’t saying much since the entire franchise (including the cartoon show) was based around selling a toy. So, again, if you’re looking for the meaning of life in a film based around selling toys to 8-year-old kids, you need to get the hell over yourself.

Go see it. See it in 3D. Go see it with some friends, don’t expect any kind of plot, and enjoy this mindless summer film.


On Comic Movies

June 30, 2011

We’ve all heard/read some major comic fan freak out over the way Green Hornet, Thor, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Watchmen, all these movies have done SOMEthing that has terribly wronged the fans and they changed the story and HOW COULD THEY THE HORROR!!!

Honestly, I don’t mind when comic movies change origin stories or the way that things have to. The producers can’t be expected to make serial movies, the way comic fans are used to when they read comic books. There needs to be definitive beginning-middle-end or the movies will lose the interest of the non-comic=fan movie goers. A huge majority of people honestly don’t follow, understand or care about the comics the way comic fans do. That majority is actually the ones going to see the movies. Besides: comic fans can never agree on anything, so trying to please the lot would only be bad news bears for the box office.

Also, I love the movies because it gives my father, who doesn’t have the time to read comics, a chance feel young, enjoy time with me and stay entertained by something he loved so dearly as a child.

The recent box office numbers on the last couple of comic movies are starting to frighten me. Oversaturation is becoming a very real thread to the open floodgates of comic movies, and the general public might be getting kind of sick and tired of these movies. Yes it’s fun, but I really think Marvel needs to slow down on their releases. They’re shooting themselves in the foot with it.


Green Lantern In 3D

June 23, 2011

I saw Green Lantern. In 3D.


So if you don’t know, this movie is about Hal Jordan and how he becomes a Green Lantern, manages to overcome self-doubt and fear, and gets the girl in the end. Pretty basic plot, for what is essentially a basic movie.

This actually wasn’t the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen*. The acting was good, and the CGI looked *fantastic* in 3D. The biggest problem was the screenplay. I mean, it was a very easy story to follow, but when you have four people writing one movie, things can become muddled. And muddled they became! I’m not sure why Hector Hammond was needed in the movie. He was used very poorly, nor was he that great of a villain. I’m still not entirely sure why Green Lantern didn’t just kick his ass out-of-the-way early in the film. Paralax, as a villain, was great, but again, used poorly.

My other big problem was that I found it very hard to give a damn about anyone in the film. Mark Strong’s Sinestro is honestly the character with the most soul (so to speak), and he’s really not in the movie that much (which is fine, the movie isn’t about him). Ryan Reynolds is a decent enough actor, but his portrayal of Hal Jordan was meh at best. Blake Lively played an ok Carrol, and everyone else was just that. Ok. No one, except Mark Strong, stood out. They all read their lines well enough, but there was little emotion behind them. This is by no means the fault of the actors, but rather, the poor writing.

Wait for this movie to come out on DVD. It’s a great mindless film, or something to have on as background noise. If you have kids though, they will love this movie. If I were 10 years old again, I would love this movie.

*Catwoman, Batman and Robin, The Fantastic Four…those are terrible comic book movies. Also, in case you didn’t catch it, Hal kept calling Carol ‘Sapphire’ while they were flying the jets in the start of the film. How cute.


DC doesn’t care about their female audience

June 21, 2011

At a recent press conference, DC had this to say about their target audience:

“The target audience are men age 18 to 34 though they do realize that they have readers in other demographics.”

If you do realize you have readers in other demographics why not make it 50/50. You’re putting out 52 titles this September. How many of those series is focused on a female character? Batgirl and Wonder Woman, we know will be focused on a strong female character. And we do have the new Birds of Prey line-up. But that’s three. What else do you have to offer your female readers DC? Because this is you ignoring a whole demographic. Yes, women are in the minority compared to male readers but you’re trying to make sales (cause for the past couple months DC’s monthly sales have been going down). So why not try to appeal to this demographic. Do some freakin focus group studies. See what the female fans want. Do something like Women of Marvel.

I can say that I am really disappointed in DC right now and this put me over the top. You’ve ruined characters for me (See: Tim), you’ve continued to bring out crappy storylines and now you have basically said women are not in your target audience. I loved DC since I was a kid but it’s safe to say they will get little to no money from me until it shapes up.

Oh and that Green Lantern screenplay was horrendous. I’m a Film/Media student and it is just insulting that I would bust my ass to get my A- in a class but industry professionals can get away with that horribly written script. Geoff Johns should’ve just written it. He studied the same degree I am in. He could’ve written that screenplay better.