DC doesn’t care about their female audience

At a recent press conference, DC had this to say about their target audience:

“The target audience are men age 18 to 34 though they do realize that they have readers in other demographics.”

If you do realize you have readers in other demographics why not make it 50/50. You’re putting out 52 titles this September. How many of those series is focused on a female character? Batgirl and Wonder Woman, we know will be focused on a strong female character. And we do have the new Birds of Prey line-up. But that’s three. What else do you have to offer your female readers DC? Because this is you ignoring a whole demographic. Yes, women are in the minority compared to male readers but you’re trying to make sales (cause for the past couple months DC’s monthly sales have been going down). So why not try to appeal to this demographic. Do some freakin focus group studies. See what the female fans want. Do something like Women of Marvel.

I can say that I am really disappointed in DC right now and this put me over the top. You’ve ruined characters for me (See: Tim), you’ve continued to bring out crappy storylines and now you have basically said women are not in your target audience. I loved DC since I was a kid but it’s safe to say they will get little to no money from me until it shapes up.

Oh and that Green Lantern screenplay was horrendous. I’m a Film/Media student and it is just insulting that I would bust my ass to get my A- in a class but industry professionals can get away with that horribly written script. Geoff Johns should’ve just written it. He studied the same degree I am in. He could’ve written that screenplay better.



One Response to “DC doesn’t care about their female audience”

  1. Girls with Comics Says:

    Yes,someone else agrees with me that Geoff Johns should write the sequel 🙂


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