Green Lantern In 3D

I saw Green Lantern. In 3D.


So if you don’t know, this movie is about Hal Jordan and how he becomes a Green Lantern, manages to overcome self-doubt and fear, and gets the girl in the end. Pretty basic plot, for what is essentially a basic movie.

This actually wasn’t the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen*. The acting was good, and the CGI looked *fantastic* in 3D. The biggest problem was the screenplay. I mean, it was a very easy story to follow, but when you have four people writing one movie, things can become muddled. And muddled they became! I’m not sure why Hector Hammond was needed in the movie. He was used very poorly, nor was he that great of a villain. I’m still not entirely sure why Green Lantern didn’t just kick his ass out-of-the-way early in the film. Paralax, as a villain, was great, but again, used poorly.

My other big problem was that I found it very hard to give a damn about anyone in the film. Mark Strong’s Sinestro is honestly the character with the most soul (so to speak), and he’s really not in the movie that much (which is fine, the movie isn’t about him). Ryan Reynolds is a decent enough actor, but his portrayal of Hal Jordan was meh at best. Blake Lively played an ok Carrol, and everyone else was just that. Ok. No one, except Mark Strong, stood out. They all read their lines well enough, but there was little emotion behind them. This is by no means the fault of the actors, but rather, the poor writing.

Wait for this movie to come out on DVD. It’s a great mindless film, or something to have on as background noise. If you have kids though, they will love this movie. If I were 10 years old again, I would love this movie.

*Catwoman, Batman and Robin, The Fantastic Four…those are terrible comic book movies. Also, in case you didn’t catch it, Hal kept calling Carol ‘Sapphire’ while they were flying the jets in the start of the film. How cute.




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