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The Amazing Spider-Man

July 3, 2012

After much deliberation, I went and saw The Amazing Spider-Man at midnight. Overall, it was a great movie.

The best part of this movie is how well the characters are developed. Almost every character gets enough screen time to be given some kind of depth. They’re not just introduced because they happen to be in the Spider-Man world but rather because everyone plays a part in the story. Uncle Ben is shown as a real father figure to Peter, and Aunt May isn’t a helpless old lady. They’re people, and you really can’t help but love them.

Peter and Gwen clearly get the most screen time and thus development. Andrew Garfield plays a terrifically awkward Peter Parker, but sometimes he mumbles through his lines. But on the flip side, mumbling through lines while talking to Gwen makes sense. Peter is a “nerd” and he is “shy”. I thought he was charming as Peter. Emma Stone played an equally fantastic Gwen Stacy. She’s smart, self-assured, and is kind of a hero in her own right. She’s not just some damsel that Spider-Man has to save.

The story was also good. Easy to follow, but there were some questions we had when we left the theater (which would be spoilers that I will not talk about). It still has the fundamental back story; Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive (really genetically engineered) spider while snooping around in the Oscorp lab. But this story has much more to it than that:

While cleaning out the basement Peter stumbles on a suitcase that belonged to his father. He snoops around and finds a photo of his father with another man. He does some snooping and finds out the man is Dr. Curt Connors, who just happens to work for Oscorp. Peter sneaks into Oscorp with the intention of meeting Dr. Connors. He does, and he impresses him with his science know how. One thing leads to another and Peter winds up in a room where there are tons of genetically altered spiders. And one bites him. After discovering his super awesome spider powers, Peter becomes almost reckless everywhere else. He is now obsessed with figuring out what his father and Dr. Connors (who has also taken Peter under his wing) were working on. This leads Peter to forget to pick up his Aunt May (who insisted she was fine with walking home 12 blocks by herself at night) which causes a fight between Peter and Uncle Ben. Peter storms out upset and Uncle Ben goes after him. While looking for Peter Uncle Ben intercepts a man who robbed a grocery store, attempts to stop him, and is shot dead. Peter runs over, see’s it was Uncle Ben, and that’s when he realizes what he must do. He must now go after the man who killed Uncle Ben.

This dream is short-lived (he never finds the guy in this movie) and thus he becomes a vigilante.

Overall it was a good story. As I said earlier there are some things that don’t make sense, but hopefully they will clear up in the following sequels. The only thing I fear is that the next movie will have a similar plot. The underlying story is that Oscorp is trying to make a serum to correct/cure human beings. They never resolved that issue in this movie, so there’s a possibility that it will be coming back to haunt Peter in more ways than one. I also think Peter had the “mutant” DNA in him, but it wasn’t activated until he was bitten by the spider. Which in turn would mean his father was secretly some asshole who used his son as a science experiment, hence why he was so secretive and left him to live with Aunt May and Uncle Ben. But again those are just wild guesses.

The CGI is a little silly in this movie. When Dr. Connors is growing his arm for the first time just looks dumb. Pivotal but dumb. When you see the world from Spider-Man’s point of view…well we could have done without it. The obviously made for 3D scenes were also cheesy. We saw the movie in regular 2D and it was fine. I don’t think seeing this in 3D will somehow enhance your viewing pleasure.

I give this movie a solid A. I will see it again.




Will a 3hr cut of Avengers get released in theatres?

June 14, 2012

Folks over at Superhero Authority have indicated there is a rumor running around about the possibility that Avengers might get released in theatres come August.

This rumor is running wild on the Internet; many fans are over excited and entirely willing to throw all their money to see the longer cut. The BluRay DVD is due out in September, which will probably have the longer cut, as DVDs tend to. On the one hand, it would give the movie another chance to break records, and give fans another chance to see it on the big screen. I heard rumors about a scene of Captain America getting to talk to Peggy; I love that! But by the same token…while I would love to see the extended version, I don’t know if I would be willing to do so with the knowledge that the DVD with likely the same content will be out four weeks later.



The Red Headed Disney Princess

June 8, 2012

I saw the new Disney/Pixar film ‘Brave’ last night at an advance screening. In tow with me was a 9 year old girl, the perfect age for this movie.

The story is about a Scottish princess Merida. Merida is a free spirit who enjoys archery and doing whatever she pleases. The very idea of acting like a proper princess goes against her very being. Merida is around the age of 16, and her mother says it’s time for her to pick a suitor. This deeply angers Merida who believes she should be in control of her own destiny. After meeting with the three suitors, she throws a fit and runs away from home. She stumbles on a witches house (a woodcarving witch who is obsessed with bears). One thing leads to another and the witch gives her a spell to change her mother and ultimately Merida’s destiny. The spell doesn’t go as planned, and her mother is changed into a bear. This is a nice twist of irony as her father is known as the king of bears. Now Merida has two days to figure out how to break the spell, or else her mother with be stuck as a bear forever.

It’s a cute story, but not very entertaining for anyone over the age of 10. There are funny moments, especially with Merida’s three younger brothers. And it wouldn’t be a Pixar movie without all of the touching scenes between parent and child. But other than that I was bored through most of the movie. Merida is a great protagonist though. She has balls of steel and doesn’t want (or need) a prince charming to save her. Merida want’s to be in control of her own life, something most girls living in her time were not in control of. She also has the rare case of having both parents alive in a Disney movie. The premise of the movie is pleasant, and it has a good message for young girls. The animation is typical Pixar which makes it easy on the eyes. The voice acting was perfect. Kelly Macdonald voiced Merida, giving her a special charming attitude.

But even with all of that, I wasn’t charmed by this film. It’s no ‘Toy Story 3’ or ‘Finding Nemo’. But it’s still an enjoyable kids movie that will make a lot of money simply for being a Disney/Pixar Film. The 9 year old however, loved it. And really that’s all that matters.

I give it a solid 6 out of 10.


How Marvel’s The Avengers changed the movie industry.

May 25, 2012

As you all know The Avengers is breaking every box office record.
But I think The Avengers changed the way movie studios look & greenlight movies (mainly action movies)
After both Dark Shadows & Battleship bombed at box office,movie studios can’t relied on A-list actors or tons of CGI to make money now.
They now need to think about not only who’s in a movie,but also how the movie is written.
One of the reasons The Avengers was awesome was the character’s interaction with other characters.
Joss Whedon was able to put all these awesome superheroes and have everyone of them to have one or two moments to shine.
Hulk vs Loki comes to mind.

Why did Dark Shadows & Battleship failed?
Because the story was not only crap,but the characters sucked too.
The fact that Paramount Pictures delayed G.I.Joe:Retaliation by 9 months for “3D” shows that they were worried about it bombing at the box office like Battleship did.

Men in Black 3 opens next Friday,and my guess it will finally beat The Avengers at the box office.
But now movie studios are now watching closely on the following films:

Snow White and The Huntsman
Amazing Spider-Man
And The Dark Knight Rises.

Should either one of them bomb or fall below expectations,it’s because people are expecting more out of their movies now.
I believe people are so spoiled by how The Avengers was so awesome that they expect all of these movies to be awesome too.
But if they’re not,then people will tell their friends to not see it.

I hope the movie industry will learns from The Avengers and make an awesome movie out of it.


Avengers movie review

May 8, 2012

I don’t write reviews very well,so I’m only going to list the following:

Is it the best superhero movie?

Yes by far.

What’s it worth all the hype?

Hell yes

Where the characters great on screen?


Who stole the show?

Hulk for me stole the show.

Who was the weakest character based on screen time?

Hawkeye unfortunately (Hopefully they’ll fix it with future films)

Should you see it in 2D or 3D?

I saw in 3D and it looked pretty good,but it depends on how much you’re willing to spend on 3D .

Stay after the opening and ending credits for two scenes ^_^

The Dark Knight Rises has some competition for Best Comic Book Movie of 2012.




Super Team Movie, Go!

May 6, 2012

Like everyone else on the planet, I saw The Avengers. I’m not going to bore you with how much I loved it, how I laughed and cried. No. I’m not.

I’m not going to go into heavy detail about the plot either. It’s pretty straight forward. The biggest heroes in the Marvel universe team up to save the world from Loki and an alien race. Not everyone gets along at first, and it takes a sad event to cause all of them to finally come together. They save the day and life goes on.

What interested me the most is how non comic book fans would like it. Lucky for me, I work in a gym. Needless to say I’m one of the two people in there who knows a little about comics. The general ruling was “This movie rocked.” the dialogue, characters, and story were easy to follow. There was some confusion as to whom the character was during the credits. I won’t explain because it would be a spoiler. The movie was paced well too. Everything worked well together, and I’m glad it did. The movie has already grossed around $600million over this weekend worldwide, and it will only go up.

So if you have yet to see it because none of your friends are into comic books…take them. They will enjoy it even if it’s not for the same reasons you will. It’s a fantastic summer flick. I even saw it in 3D and it was good!

What I’m curious to see is if the fnal Batman installment will financially beat it out. I believe it will, but with this strong opening Batman will have to work for it.

My opinion on the new TMNT movie.

March 27, 2012

As you all know that Michael Bay is producing the TMNT movie.
And the fact he’s going to make them “aliens” and not mutants.
I have never seen such “fanboy” hate over changes to a movie before >_<
I just want to say "GET A BLOODY LIFE"
What makes "fanboys" think the changes will ruin the franchise?
Don't "fanboys" know that the majority of movie goers are non-comic book fans?
Maybe the changes to the movie makes sense if you're trying to get general public to see it.
I remember all the "fanboy" hate when they thought Hugh Jackman was too tall to play Wolverine or that Heath Ledger wasn't going to be a good Joker.
Well guess what? Jackman played the best Wolverine I've seen on the big screen & Ledger won a Oscar for his role as the Joker.
So,my advice is:
Don't rush to judgement on stuff
Just wait and see what they do with the movie.


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

February 17, 2012

Tonight I was invited by some friends of mine to see the new Ghost Rider movie. Now I never saw the first one, but this was a free preview and frankly, how hard can a Nic Cage movie be t follow. So at 7pm on the dot Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance started. To sum it up, the movie was campy. Maybe not as campy as Batman and Robin, but it was up there.

Plot wise it was an easy movie to follow, but very easy to forget. Johnny Blaze has to save a child who happens to be the spawn of Satan, but he’s actually a good kid. Or not really evil. Throughout the movie you have pretty forgettable characters trying to kidnap this kid, kill him (as well as his mom), or kidnap the kid, kill the mom, and give the kid to the devil. Somehow if Johnny Blaze saves the child his curse will be lifted. Idris Elba saves the day near the end, Johnny realizes he can’t live without Ghost Rider, and all is well.

The acting was pretty stiff from almost everyone except Nic Cage and Idris Elba (who steals every scene). The script was funny, but not an epic work of art.  The best parts of the movie were the animated scenes, which were gritty and dirty and just plain awesome. Some of the live action scenes reminded me of Sin City, while others were Matrix rip offs. The special effects were done well. I mean really. I had no complaints with them at all. The 3D wasn’t terrible either, but I would save your money. Overall this is a solid C+ movie. Not terrible, not great, but a pretty forgettable flick. I’d say to wait for a DVD rental copy, unless you enjoy campy movies.


New Dredd pics

February 6, 2012

I’ve been looking forward to the new Dredd movie,so here’s some pics from the movie:

I hope this makes up the horrible 1995 film.



The New DC 52: Aquaman

January 19, 2012

Hell has frozen over. I read an Aquaman comic.

Let me tell you the events leading up to this glorious moment in history. I was at my friend’s house. He had a stack of comics on his bed. Most of them I had read, except for Aquaman. And everyone in the world has been going on about how great the new Aquaman series is, so whatever. I read the first issue.

In what can only be described as brilliant, Geoff Johns  (one of the greatest comic book writers in my opinion) uses Aquaman’s unpopularity as a way to carry out issue one. The comic opens with some bad guys speeding away with the cops chasing him. Eventually they are stopped by Aquaman. The bad guys are as perplexed as anyone, and attempt to shoot him. Except Aquaman is apparently the ocean version of Superman and can deflect bullets. He’s also crazy strong and kind of bad ass. The cops are just as perplexed as the bad guys, and offer Aquaman a glass of water.

Later our pumpkin themed hero is sitting down to eat in a seafood restaurant. There he meets some dude who asks him “How does it feel to be nobody’s favorite superhero?” A question I would certainly ask if I were to meet a fictional character. This pisses him off, so he storms away. The humor is great in this book. Everyone is shitting on Aquaman, so he has to prove what a bad ass he really is. Does he? I can only assume so, but I can’t morally bring myself to read more Aquaman comics. It kind of goes against my religion.

That being said, yes. Read this comic. It’s funny, the art is superb, and it’s good. It even explains that he doesn’t really talk to fish. Dolphins, on the other hand…