Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Tonight I was invited by some friends of mine to see the new Ghost Rider movie. Now I never saw the first one, but this was a free preview and frankly, how hard can a Nic Cage movie be t follow. So at 7pm on the dot Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance started. To sum it up, the movie was campy. Maybe not as campy as Batman and Robin, but it was up there.

Plot wise it was an easy movie to follow, but very easy to forget. Johnny Blaze has to save a child who happens to be the spawn of Satan, but he’s actually a good kid. Or not really evil. Throughout the movie you have pretty forgettable characters trying to kidnap this kid, kill him (as well as his mom), or kidnap the kid, kill the mom, and give the kid to the devil. Somehow if Johnny Blaze saves the child his curse will be lifted. Idris Elba saves the day near the end, Johnny realizes he can’t live without Ghost Rider, and all is well.

The acting was pretty stiff from almost everyone except Nic Cage and Idris Elba (who steals every scene). The script was funny, but not an epic work of art.  The best parts of the movie were the animated scenes, which were gritty and dirty and just plain awesome. Some of the live action scenes reminded me of Sin City, while others were Matrix rip offs. The special effects were done well. I mean really. I had no complaints with them at all. The 3D wasn’t terrible either, but I would save your money. Overall this is a solid C+ movie. Not terrible, not great, but a pretty forgettable flick. I’d say to wait for a DVD rental copy, unless you enjoy campy movies.




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