My opinion on the new TMNT movie.

As you all know that Michael Bay is producing the TMNT movie.
And the fact he’s going to make them “aliens” and not mutants.
I have never seen such “fanboy” hate over changes to a movie before >_<
I just want to say "GET A BLOODY LIFE"
What makes "fanboys" think the changes will ruin the franchise?
Don't "fanboys" know that the majority of movie goers are non-comic book fans?
Maybe the changes to the movie makes sense if you're trying to get general public to see it.
I remember all the "fanboy" hate when they thought Hugh Jackman was too tall to play Wolverine or that Heath Ledger wasn't going to be a good Joker.
Well guess what? Jackman played the best Wolverine I've seen on the big screen & Ledger won a Oscar for his role as the Joker.
So,my advice is:
Don't rush to judgement on stuff
Just wait and see what they do with the movie.




2 Responses to “My opinion on the new TMNT movie.”

  1. Mike Riley Says:

    It’s a big leap from ‘the actor being too tall’ to ‘let’s disregard at least half of the core concept of the franchise’. It’d be more like if they turned Wolverine into Ferreterine.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Hey Sarah,
    Generally I would agree with you. I’m usually in favor of the wait and see approach to movie adaptations of franchises of all types, comic books included. I would also agree that Heath Ledger and Hugh Jackman, despite their differences from the original characters were quite good at doing their jobs (despite tremendous failings in other areas on the Wolverine: Origins film.
    However, I feel rather differently about the TMNT film and here’s why:
    1)Michael Bay is problematic as a director to begin with. While I was never a fan of the Transformer franchise previous to the movies, the movies were of a remarkably poor quality from both a writing and directing perspective.
    2)While Transformers was has always had a questionable story and has been as much about selling toys and making a good story, TMNT is about characters. It’s fun, it’s ridiculous, it’s absurd and what has made it last longer than all the similar 80’s cartoons/comics like it is a sense of humor as much like Spider-Man as anything else. Bay’s brand of humor, as exhibited in the Transformers movies is generally far off the all audiences mark which should have been a hallmark of the franchise and should never fail to be a hallmark of Ninja Turtles.
    3)This early change is proof of a frame of mind Bay is taking toward the story which shows he does not “get” the product he is adapting. Nobody wants to see a “dark” “serious” or “realistic” twist on the Ninja Turtles any more than they want to see a dark take on The Tick.

    The ninja turtles are mutated turtles who were exposed to a mysterious ooze which made them extremely intelligent. They were trained in the ways of martial arts by a giant rat who gave them names of painters from the Italian Renaissance. It’s a goofy and ridiculous post-modern fairy tale. I complain because the shift in origin is likely to signify a much larger shift away from what makes TMNT something worth caring about and sharing with others and into another mediocre Hollywood action franchise.

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