Annapolis Comic Con 2012

This past weekend I got the chance to stop by Annapolis Comic Con. I didn’t get the chance to visit last year, but I’m glad I went this year. The convention was held in a gymnasium inside a rec center, and while it was a small show, it packed a ton in. There was a nice variety of dealers. I found pulps, Golden Age comics, Silver Age, modern, toys, books, art…You name it, you could probably find it. The dealers were terrific too. I love talking about comics and everyone here was willing to talk to you, even if you weren’t buying from them. This convention was also rather kid friendly. I saw many families walking through the convention. This is a great sign, as kids are the future of this (and any) hobby. On Saturday I heard around 1,500 people showed, with more expected for Sunday.

I did manage to catch the end of the cosplay panel featuring the lovely Han. In the end cosplay is about having fun, so go have fun. I feel the same can be applied to this hobby. Collect what you like, and have fun with it.

I’m excited for next year, and I wish this convention luck!

And now for the best part, pictures by Pat!






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