BB Wolf and the Three LP’s

The story of the Big Bad Wolf is something most of us know of from our childhood. A wolf is blowing down the houses of some pigs, but at the end he fails at destroying them all. But what caused the wolf to act this way? Was there a chain of events that lead to the wolf going crazy and blowing down houses?

In this story by JD Arnold and Richard Koslowski takes place in rural Mississippi during the early 1920s. B.B. Wolf is a wolf just trying to get by for his wife and three pups. He is a farmer by day, working on the farm that have been passed down through his family, and a blues musician at night. Everything seems to be alright, until the first Littlepig shows up, informing Wolf that his property would be taken over by another pig. They had exactly one week to vacate. Wolf, unsure of what to do, goes on with his life. The day they were supposed to vacate, the wolves in the community come together and scare off the pigs. The pig claim that they will take revenge and they do. Days later while Wolf is playing in town the first Littlepig gets his revenge by burning down his home, and killing his wife and two of his cubs. This sends Wolf over the edge, who tracks down the pigs one by one, seeking vengeance for his wife and cubs.

This is a fantastic retelling of a timeless story. Only this time it’s much more believable. Events such as these were probably not too far-fetched in real life; The white man wants to take away an African American’s property, and will go at any lengths to secure it. Brutal murders, lynching, and everything else you might think of in 1920’s America is also here. This story is bleak and jarring. By the end of the book I felt bad for the Wolf. Perhaps all this time we were duped into believing his was the bad guy. This book is worth every penny, I can not recommend it enough.




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