How Marvel’s The Avengers changed the movie industry.

As you all know The Avengers is breaking every box office record.
But I think The Avengers changed the way movie studios look & greenlight movies (mainly action movies)
After both Dark Shadows & Battleship bombed at box office,movie studios can’t relied on A-list actors or tons of CGI to make money now.
They now need to think about not only who’s in a movie,but also how the movie is written.
One of the reasons The Avengers was awesome was the character’s interaction with other characters.
Joss Whedon was able to put all these awesome superheroes and have everyone of them to have one or two moments to shine.
Hulk vs Loki comes to mind.

Why did Dark Shadows & Battleship failed?
Because the story was not only crap,but the characters sucked too.
The fact that Paramount Pictures delayed G.I.Joe:Retaliation by 9 months for “3D” shows that they were worried about it bombing at the box office like Battleship did.

Men in Black 3 opens next Friday,and my guess it will finally beat The Avengers at the box office.
But now movie studios are now watching closely on the following films:

Snow White and The Huntsman
Amazing Spider-Man
And The Dark Knight Rises.

Should either one of them bomb or fall below expectations,it’s because people are expecting more out of their movies now.
I believe people are so spoiled by how The Avengers was so awesome that they expect all of these movies to be awesome too.
But if they’re not,then people will tell their friends to not see it.

I hope the movie industry will learns from The Avengers and make an awesome movie out of it.




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