The New DC 52: Aquaman

Hell has frozen over. I read an Aquaman comic.

Let me tell you the events leading up to this glorious moment in history. I was at my friend’s house. He had a stack of comics on his bed. Most of them I had read, except for Aquaman. And everyone in the world has been going on about how great the new Aquaman series is, so whatever. I read the first issue.

In what can only be described as brilliant, Geoff Johns  (one of the greatest comic book writers in my opinion) uses Aquaman’s unpopularity as a way to carry out issue one. The comic opens with some bad guys speeding away with the cops chasing him. Eventually they are stopped by Aquaman. The bad guys are as perplexed as anyone, and attempt to shoot him. Except Aquaman is apparently the ocean version of Superman and can deflect bullets. He’s also crazy strong and kind of bad ass. The cops are just as perplexed as the bad guys, and offer Aquaman a glass of water.

Later our pumpkin themed hero is sitting down to eat in a seafood restaurant. There he meets some dude who asks him “How does it feel to be nobody’s favorite superhero?” A question I would certainly ask if I were to meet a fictional character. This pisses him off, so he storms away. The humor is great in this book. Everyone is shitting on Aquaman, so he has to prove what a bad ass he really is. Does he? I can only assume so, but I can’t morally bring myself to read more Aquaman comics. It kind of goes against my religion.

That being said, yes. Read this comic. It’s funny, the art is superb, and it’s good. It even explains that he doesn’t really talk to fish. Dolphins, on the other hand…




One Response to “The New DC 52: Aquaman”

  1. Girls with Comics Says:

    You liking an Aquaman book?
    Ok,hell has frozen over lol
    Geoff Johns is an awesome writer,so I give this series a try.


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