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Sex, drugs, and comic books.

September 25, 2011

Ah, the glamorous life of being a comic book fan girl.

I’ve read comics my whole life. My dad had been reading comics his whole life. I’ve been attending conventions since I was very small, and I’ve been going to comic shops since I was about 5 or 6. I’ve grown up in a male dominated hobby and only really encountered problems with it once I started going to conventions alone. Do you know how many times I’ve had a male comic book dealer scoff at me and tell me I can’t afford a book, only to offer the price and even a slight discount to my father? Same book, but he’s a guy and I’m a girl.

Comic book companies are not any better.

Marvel Comics has always been the leader when it came to facing issues that everyone could deal with (The X-Men and being different from everyone else for example). Yet when it came to the women in their stories, it was still “Well she’s a woman, we need to treat her as such.” Sue Storm is the perfect example. Her power was invisibility. Perhaps her power of invisibility was (is) a parallel to how society views women, and in turn how comics view them. She’s pretty, she has the heart of a smart dude who can stretch, but she turns invisible. Over the years her powers have evolved, but at the core of it she’s someone we shouldn’t see.

DC Comics has usually been a step or two behind once the Silver Age of comics came about. The one thing they can say is “We have Superman. We have Batman. We have Wonder Woman!” Wonder Woman is a powerful, strong female character, but her weakness is being tied up. So if a man (or woman) ties Wonder Woman up, she is powerless and therefore weak. That’s fucked up. And don’t get me started on the whole Blackest Night thing where she needed to kiss Batman in order to become a Star Sapphire. Wouldn’t her love for Earth be enough?

Things have gotten wildly better since the Golden and Silver Age of comics, but it’s still a male dominated hobby, both in the industry and outside of it. Things need to vastly improve. Women can have weaknesses, but they shouldn’t be of sexual nature. In Batgirl #1, Batgirl became fearful when a bad guy pointed a gun at her abdomen. That’s perfectly acceptable. We know why she would be scared of that, and it adds depth to her. It’s not something most people would find sexually appealing. Wonder Woman being tied up is a sexually appealing thing for many people.

As it stands, I don’t really read Modern Age comics. I love the Golden Age, and even though most of the comics are wildly sexist and racist, I accept it since that was normal in 1941 America. In 2011 America things are different. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they don’t belong in this hobby. We should be able to walk into a comic shop without having every guy there look at us like we’re some rare exotic bird. Comic companies need to wake up and realize that the demographic should not be 18-35 year old men. You want more money? Realize women read comics too. Kids read comics too. Comic books should be for everyone and not 18-35 year old men.



Moon Prism Power Now At Hot Topic

September 16, 2011

Hey everyone! Look!

Do you see what I see? Why, I see a $60 Halloween Sailor Moon costume! Now, I’ve seen and heard many a Moonie rage over this costume, but let’s sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up for a second.

1- It’s a Halloween costume. Sure, it will be worn to anime conventions. But, I doubt the person buying this will be entering it into a cosplay contest.

2- It actually looks like the child version costume that was released 14 years ago. 14 years ago I was 11, so I didn’t buy that version. NOW I CAN. HAHAHA.

3- It’s $60. While that price point seems out of line, most Halloween costumes are in the $40-60 range. True story, unless you buy your costumes at Wal-Mart.

4- Again, it’s a Halloween costume. I don’t know of any Halloween costume that’s actually made well. No really, I don’t.

5- Look at it this way; Sailor Moon is back in the USA. With the manga release and all of the merch that is due out later this year, you should be thankful. I know I am, since I can finally get trashed dressed up as Sailor Moon without worrying about fucking up a $200+ costume I had made for me.


Baltimore Comic Con 2011

August 22, 2011

If you happen to be here from the CGC message boards, bad news. This is the same thing I wrote on there…just copy and pasted to here. If you are not here from the CGC boards, mazel tov! Enjoy the post.

And it was ~*fantastic*~!

My convention weekend started Friday morning when I went down to the con center to check in on a booth I was working at. I always love seeing cons as they are setting up, it’s such an exciting atmosphere. After hanging around and basically did nothing but watch for no real good reason, I rolled out. Went to the Ravens game that night, and then a birthday party, and since I didn’t hear of any forum dinner, I managed to go home and sleep for roughly 2-3 hours.

I got back to the con center SUPER early on Saturday with a guy I was working with that weekend. We opened up, fixed a few things, and I aimlessly walked around. It was actually pretty boring until people started showing up, so thank goodness for iPads. Once the con started, it got crowded. Quick. There were points where I couldn’t move at all, but that’s not a bad thing. The line to get into the show seemed to move fast. I changed into my costume and walked around with my friend L.J handing out flyers for the shop. Since he was dressed up as Thor, we didn’t move quickly through the con center.

I saw lots of people I knew, from all over.  There were a lot of nice books, and I know a few people who got pretty amazing deals on some pretty amazing books. I did see Stan Lee walk around with security a few times, so now I can say that I’ve seen Stan Lee walking. Fantastic. The artist alley was where I spent all of my money. There were some quality artists selling some amazing pieces of art. I picked up a few things on Sunday, and I plan to frame a few of them. I did buy an Owly book, and got Andy Runton to sign it, and he drew a quick sketch of Owly on the inside cover! I also got sketches from Dan Parent and Steve Conley, which all look fantastic! I got to meet Adam Hughes, and watch my friend Andrea fangirl over him. It was really cute, and I love her dearly.

After stalking Han, I ended the day by loitering by the booth I was working for. Once we were all closed up, I left with my friend Andrea and Pat. We got dinner, he left, and her and I and about 20 people I know all went to see KMFDM in another part in Baltimore. The show was fantastic, thanks for asking. I got home at 4:30 and went to sleep at 5am, only to wake up at 9 to go back to the show.

Sunday was MUCH slower, and not as crowded. This pleased me greatly. The booth was doing fantastic, so I only stayed for a few hours. I met a *ton* of new people, and I got to talk to a few of the artists since it was a slower day.

The show was overall great. The booth I was in did amazing in sales, and I’m super proud of them. Hopefully the convention will continue to grow more, and if that’s the case, I hope it gets moved into one of the bigger halls inside the con center, so we can all have a little bit more room. I got a few more pictures before calling it a day in order to go home and sleep.

It was a fantastic weekend. I got to see and hang out with tons of people I normally don’t see, and even though I feel like complete butt today, it was worth it. I can’t wait for next year!

And now, some pictures.


And now, some pictures from the amazing and awesome Pat!




July 27, 2011

We didn’t get approved for press badges (yet somehow we get them for EVERY OTHER CON on the planet), but that won’t stop some of us from going! I’ll be updating the blog live from the FUNimation panel. I hope they announce that they plan on re-dubbing/subbing all of Sailor Moon since the manga is due out this fall from Kodansha USA.

If you’re going to be at Otakon, have fun, and be safe. It’s been hot as balls in Baltimore lately.


Captain America

July 22, 2011

Was fantastic.

The plot was also another highlight. It was easy as pie to follow. America needs super soldiers to help stop Hitler and Hydra and the rest of those crazy assholes we all know about from World War 2. Thus, Steve Rogers is turned into Captain America. Pretty easy.

I saw the regular 2D version at midnight, and was not let down. The best thing about this movie is how much heart it has. Chris Evans does a great job as scrawny Steve Rogers, and does an equally great job as well, himself without a shirt on. It was humbling to see Captain America make mistakes, and bumbles around at first. The almost God like complex he has in the comics is missing. He’s not perfect, he makes mistakes, and he get’s tossed around a lot, even as Captain America. Fans will get a kick out of the throwback Timely costume he wears at one point, and you’ll even get a glimpse at one of the Timely Cap comics. He even punches a fake Hitler a few times. His relationship with Bucky (played by Sebastian Stan) was touching, and well executed by both actors. While you don’t get a back story on Bucky, you can’t help but enjoy the chemistry the two have on-screen, and you will be touched by Caps loyalty and love for Bucky.

I also enjoyed how good the script was. None of the lines were terribly corny, which was a pleasant surprise from movies such as Thor and Green Lantern. Tommy Lee Jones as Col. Chester Phillips delivered some of the best lines in the movie. My favorite was this:

Doctor: What is this?
Phillips: Steak.
Doctor: What’s in it?
Phillips: Cow!

Every character was well thought out and executed beautifully by whomever played them. Dominic Cooper as Howard Stark was funny and charming, much like RDJs Tony Stark. Hayley Atwell was splendid as Peggy Carter, who was one bad ass woman in this movie. Also, I need to give a special shout to the Howling Commandos. They all looked like how they do in the comic book. It was amazing, and I really enjoyed it.

Of course this movie is worth seeing, so go see it.


The Avengers trailer

July 17, 2011

Fairly certain this will get pulled quickly, but seriously. Check it out.


Between the last Nolan Batman film and this, next summer is going to blow the balls off of this one. Hurry the hell up, 2012!


Hentai And My Father

July 8, 2011

God bless my father, and God bless eBay. Recently I stumbled onto some Sailor Moon laser discs that I did not own. I’m a huge fan of laser discs, and an even bigger fan of Sailor Moon. I forgot I put them on watching, but my dad noticed them and actually won some of them for me. He then went to see what other anime LDs this person had, and started bidding on all of them. I didn’t notice until he said something to me this morning.

Dad: Hey, have you heard of ‘La Blue Girl’?
Me: What.
Dad: The person who had those Sailor Moon discs also had other anime shows, so I bid on them. We got some neat ones. I know you like Tenchi Muyo, and I got you something called Card Captor Sakura. But I’ve never heard of this La Blue Girl.
Me: Well, uhm, La Blue Girl is an anime porn.
Dad: What.
Me: Yea. It’s called ‘hentai’. It’s animated porn.
Dad: People watch animated porn.
Me: Yes. They do.
Dad: … So do you still want the LD? I’m not gonna watch it but you know if you don’t want it.
Me: It’s fine. I’ll give it to someone.
Dad: Do you know anyone else who owns a laser disc player?
Me: … Nope.

I have to give props to my dad. He really does love my sister and I, and since he was raised in the sci-fi culture, he doesn’t bat an eye to the weird shit we like. He is also one of the few non anime fans I’ve ever met who doesn’t equate anime with being nothing but porn. To him all anime begins and ends with Sailor Moon, since my sister and I were (are) hardcore Sailor Moon fans. Of course, the conversation didn’t end there.

Dad: Do these people know these are in Japanese?
Me: I guess not.
Dad: Does anyone else besides you speak Japanese?
Mom: *from the other room* I bet people in Japan know Japanese!

No one else said anything the rest of the morning.


Transformers 3

July 3, 2011

This movie is, without a doubt, the most fun I’ve had in a theater this year. I saw the movie in 3D, which was a good idea.

The plot is kind of muddled and doesn’t make much sense, but from what I got out of it, way back in the day an Autobot ship escaped Cybertron, but crashed on the moon. Some important Americans you should have learned about in history class flew up into space, explored the crash site, and left. The ship was carrying the former leader of the Autobots, and some kind of robot bridge that would have saved Cybertron and won the war. After Optimus Prime learns that his former leader is up on the moon, he gets angry at the humans for hiding it from him. They rescue the robot, revive him, and some bad shit happens. I can’t really give much else away because that would be giving away some major spoilers, sorry. Just know there’s a lot of plot holes, some questionable things that somehow don’t follow the other two movies, and Leonard Nimoy plays the lost Autobot leader. Also some of the humans in the movie were working with the Decepticons the whole time, and Chicago gets destroyed.

However, I don’t go into these movies expecting a plot or something that would make sense. I go in for giant robots fucking each other up. And you know what? That’s what I got. In 3D. Optimus Prime kicks serious ass in this movie, as does Bumblebee. There’s some new Autobots in the film, and we have no idea who they are or why they suddenly showed up. Some familiar robot faces also die in this movie. I’m a big enough person to admit I shed a tear at one scene. Over a CGI robot. The action scenes were pretty killer, and the human scenes were surprisingly really funny. This movie is by far the best of the three, which isn’t saying much since the entire franchise (including the cartoon show) was based around selling a toy. So, again, if you’re looking for the meaning of life in a film based around selling toys to 8-year-old kids, you need to get the hell over yourself.

Go see it. See it in 3D. Go see it with some friends, don’t expect any kind of plot, and enjoy this mindless summer film.


Green Lantern In 3D

June 23, 2011

I saw Green Lantern. In 3D.


So if you don’t know, this movie is about Hal Jordan and how he becomes a Green Lantern, manages to overcome self-doubt and fear, and gets the girl in the end. Pretty basic plot, for what is essentially a basic movie.

This actually wasn’t the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen*. The acting was good, and the CGI looked *fantastic* in 3D. The biggest problem was the screenplay. I mean, it was a very easy story to follow, but when you have four people writing one movie, things can become muddled. And muddled they became! I’m not sure why Hector Hammond was needed in the movie. He was used very poorly, nor was he that great of a villain. I’m still not entirely sure why Green Lantern didn’t just kick his ass out-of-the-way early in the film. Paralax, as a villain, was great, but again, used poorly.

My other big problem was that I found it very hard to give a damn about anyone in the film. Mark Strong’s Sinestro is honestly the character with the most soul (so to speak), and he’s really not in the movie that much (which is fine, the movie isn’t about him). Ryan Reynolds is a decent enough actor, but his portrayal of Hal Jordan was meh at best. Blake Lively played an ok Carrol, and everyone else was just that. Ok. No one, except Mark Strong, stood out. They all read their lines well enough, but there was little emotion behind them. This is by no means the fault of the actors, but rather, the poor writing.

Wait for this movie to come out on DVD. It’s a great mindless film, or something to have on as background noise. If you have kids though, they will love this movie. If I were 10 years old again, I would love this movie.

*Catwoman, Batman and Robin, The Fantastic Four…those are terrible comic book movies. Also, in case you didn’t catch it, Hal kept calling Carol ‘Sapphire’ while they were flying the jets in the start of the film. How cute.


Wizard World Philly 2011

June 20, 2011

This con didn’t start off on a good note, and that was in no shape the conventions fault; My ride up for Friday bailed on me mere hours before leaving. So instead I went bull riding that night. Saturday wasn’t any easier. We (Pat and I) left a half hour late and got stuck in some pretty shitty traffic.

We did get there, and I got my floor pass from Mike Riley, the creative force behind the hysterical ‘i taste sound’. He was sitting in a small press booth, which I quickly found out (and which he knew from before) was a really shitty spot for him. First, it was underneath an air vent, so it was nice and freezing. Second, people were very reluctant to come over and look at his book. Even after yelling at people to come over, most here all “meh” and kept going. Eventually we moved to the artists alley, where things were much better…and warmer.

The convention itself was larger than last year. They moved into a much better, bigger hall. The “celebrities” were all with each other, the comics were kind of all with each other, and the other crap was all with each other. I heard mixed reviews about comic sales that weekend. A few dealers had a great turnout, while others could barely move stuff. The artist alley was packed, and from what I could tell, everyone was doing fairly well.

One thing I noticed about this con…Not a lot of volunteers/staff walking around. Trying to get an answer on anything was akin to pulling teeth. Pat informed me that the pre-reg line was only being manned by two people. Two people to handle thousands of guests. That’s terrible. Someone really dropped the ball at Wizard this year. It was also impossible to move at times during the con on Saturday. I know, Saturday is the busiest day of any convention. However, many conventions cap attendance. Otakon has become the master of capping, and I only wish more conventions would do the same.

Overall, this was a very enjoyable show. I spent most of my time in the artists alley, helping out. I didn’t buy much, except for some things in the artists alley. Once Pat gets his pictures online, I’ll post a picture report.

My next con is Otakon. Oh boy.