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The New DC 52: Aquaman

January 19, 2012

Hell has frozen over. I read an Aquaman comic.

Let me tell you the events leading up to this glorious moment in history. I was at my friend’s house. He had a stack of comics on his bed. Most of them I had read, except for Aquaman. And everyone in the world has been going on about how great the new Aquaman series is, so whatever. I read the first issue.

In what can only be described as brilliant, Geoff Johns  (one of the greatest comic book writers in my opinion) uses Aquaman’s unpopularity as a way to carry out issue one. The comic opens with some bad guys speeding away with the cops chasing him. Eventually they are stopped by Aquaman. The bad guys are as perplexed as anyone, and attempt to shoot him. Except Aquaman is apparently the ocean version of Superman and can deflect bullets. He’s also crazy strong and kind of bad ass. The cops are just as perplexed as the bad guys, and offer Aquaman a glass of water.

Later our pumpkin themed hero is sitting down to eat in a seafood restaurant. There he meets some dude who asks him “How does it feel to be nobody’s favorite superhero?” A question I would certainly ask if I were to meet a fictional character. This pisses him off, so he storms away. The humor is great in this book. Everyone is shitting on Aquaman, so he has to prove what a bad ass he really is. Does he? I can only assume so, but I can’t morally bring myself to read more Aquaman comics. It kind of goes against my religion.

That being said, yes. Read this comic. It’s funny, the art is superb, and it’s good. It even explains that he doesn’t really talk to fish. Dolphins, on the other hand…



Life With Riley-“Criminal: The Last Of The Innocent’

December 15, 2011

After some months of having these comics sitting on my desk, I finally sat down and read them. I’m not sure what took me so long, but reading all four issues of this mini series in one sitting was a brilliant idea.

This series is best summed up as ‘what if the Archie comics universe was more realistic, and Archie decided to one day kill Veronica?’ because that’s what it is. Riley Richards is a broken man living in the big city with his heiress wife, Felix Doolittle. He has all but left behind his old life in his small town, until his mother calls him up telling him his father has stomach cancer. Riley leaves the city just in time to say goodbye to his father, and that’s when everything starts to spiral out of control. His best friend Freakout has been sober for one year, but with the “help” of Riley quickly goes back to his old ways. The girl next door, Lizzie Gordon, is suddenly back in the picture. As for Felix, she’s having an affair with Riley’s rival Teddy, and Riley knows it. Wanting an escape to get back to his old “perfect” life, Riley creates an imperfect plan to murder Felix, and frame Teddy while doing so.

The series is nothing short of brilliant. Riley is a piece of shit, Felix is a spoiled brat, and Lizzie doesn’t know any better. Freakout is a sad excuse for a human being, and the only one who really suffers here is Teddy. Perhaps this is the most realistic portrayal of Archie anyone will ever see. This is how Riverdale is, or should be, if Archie wasn’t a comic aimed at kids. The art switches from gritty to cartoony without warning. It works. The writing is fantastic, and really exploits all of the negative traits the Archie cast has. This is a comic you need to read, that’s all you really need to know.

‘Criminal: The Last Of The Innocent’ is by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.


The Best And Bad of 2011

December 7, 2011

2011 was a fantastic year for nerds, geeks, social nerds, and everyone in between. From movies, shows, comics, and more, this year was very much full of nerd goodness.

The Good:

The Green Hornet: Despite that most people didn’t like this movie, I did. Jay Chou literally stole the show as Kato. It’s easy to forget there were other characters because he was so good.

Thor: What a fantastic movie. Funny, solid, and to the point.

X-Men First Class: This reboot was AWESOME. We can finally forget that X3 and Wolverine ever happened. Here is the start of a terrific X-Men franchise.

Captain America: America, fuck yea!

Young Justice: If you haven’t been watching this show, you’re missing out. It’s a more of a serious show that appeals to both kids and adults. Cartoon Network did good with this one.

Brightest Day ending: This series was terrible and I’m glad it’s over.


The Bad:

Green Lantern: Oh man. I love GL, but this movie was pathetic. Lousy acting, characterization, and just over all not good. If only DC could make magical movies like Marvel does.

The Walking Dead season 2: NOTHING HAPPENS IN IT UNTIL THE END. Hope you enjoy prolonged episodes about doing nothing but hanging out at a barn. Some kid was missing, she was found, and then zombies were killed. This all happened during the last 10 minutes of the last episode of this year. Otherwise the show really let me down.

The New 52: Barbara Gordon can walk again and is now Batgirl, thus eliminating Stephanie Brown? Lame. Superman is kind of a dick and his uniform makes my eyes burn? Lame. Justice League issue 1 has nothing of real value and is a fluff issue? Double lame. While Catwoman shines in her solo issue, everything else is just sub par. Hopefully within a year everything will go back to normal.

Price decrease…then they went back up: How come three months ago I was paying $2.99, but now my comics have magically gone back up? Suck my nuts, comic companies.

Batman: Brave And The Bold ending: This show was campy and fun, but ultimately came to an end. I’ll miss it.

Green Lantern cartoon: While I like that it jumps right into the story, the four-year old I babysit summed it up best: “This is lame.”

Can’t wait for 2012!


The New 52: Catwoman

November 13, 2011

Out of all the “new” titles DC is pumping out, I only read two: Batgirl and Catwoman.

While hoards of people out there are shocked and dismayed by the rampant sex that is prancing through the pages of this comic series so far, I for one am not bothered by it. Traditionally Catwoman is a sexual character. In Batman Returns she was a deliciously sexy beast in a stitched up suit, and through the Batman history she’s always had a sexual thing with Batman. This comic just shoved it in your face.

Judd Winick has the character down better than anyone I’ve seen. She’s quick, witty, and you can’t help but to root for her. She is the perfect anti-hero in this comic. Above all else the art by Guillem March is amazing. I’ve been a fan of his since his work with Gotham City Sirens, and I’m thrilled he’s drawing the new Catwoman. He draws her with the dangerously sexy curves I’ve always fancied her to have. The duo have created a sexy and dangerous love interest (and foe) for Batman, and so far I love it.

The story so far is pretty basic. She pissed someone off, and is squatting from home to home. With the help of her pal Lola she seems to be good to go. That is untill a new villain–Bone–finds Lola and kills her. There’s much more to this story then that, and the comic is only 2 issues in.

Needless to say, so far so good.


The Archie Panel At New York Comic Con

October 22, 2011

Just some tid bits from the Archie panel from New York Comic Con 2011:

What a great panel. I didn’t know there was going to be an Archie panel (cause I don’t read the program guides, ever) until Dan Parent told me about it. So, my friend and I got there 40 minutes early, and somehow got lucky to get seats in the panel. Yes. The panel had to turn people away because they were full to capacity. The audience was mixed, but older adults dominated the audience. That’s nothing short of impressive. Perhaps comic fans should start to take notice to Archie comics. They might just be outselling your Batman and Spider-Man comics in the near future.
The New Crusaders are going digital! While I still prefer holding physical comic books, there is no denying that comic companies need to embrace this new technology.
There will be a new Sabrina cartoon show. It should be out October of next year. And there will also be a new Little Archie cartoon series as well! We should see that next year too.
Kevin Keller gets married in life with Archie to a doctor he met in battle.
A Kevin Keller ongoing series starts next year!
Make sure to pick up Archie 625. 100% profits go to Ronald McDonald house in NYC.
There will be a revamp the teen superheroes, such as Pureheart the Powerful.
Dilton is going to do a back to the future type thing, so keep an eye on major development for him.
The Stan Lee Super 7 series is due out next Spring.
There will be a Best of Sonic The Hedgehog hard cover due out soon. There will also be a Sonic encyclopedia book due out fall 2012.
There will be an Archie Android app. This is great news for me as I am an Andriod user…but I also own an iPad.
The Black Hood will be back. 
There will be future Archie cartoons. Of course nothing is set in stone, but this is terrific news!
All in all I had a great time at the panel, even though I was really cold. It was an ice box in that room.

24 Hours To Make A Comic

October 2, 2011

Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD recently held an event called ’24 Hour Comics Day’. This day is a worldwide event, where comic shops (or regular shops or fan clubs…) stay open for 24 hours so people can create a comic book. I got to the store around 2, then went to a bar and drank for a few hours, then I came back and attempted to draw a comic. I was there from 7pm-12:18am, and got 10 pages done.

I am a failure at making comic books.

That being said, it’s nice to see the kind of community that happens within this shop. There was a pretty good turnout for this event, including Mike from, who had one helluva set up. The store wound up closing shop around 12:30 since it’s pretty hard to stay awake for 24 hours. I know that around 3am, if I’m not in bed, everything becomes stupid funny.

Hopefully next year I can give this a better go, and make an actual comic in 24 hours.



For more information on 24 Hour Comics Day, check out the website here!

Sex, drugs, and comic books.

September 25, 2011

Ah, the glamorous life of being a comic book fan girl.

I’ve read comics my whole life. My dad had been reading comics his whole life. I’ve been attending conventions since I was very small, and I’ve been going to comic shops since I was about 5 or 6. I’ve grown up in a male dominated hobby and only really encountered problems with it once I started going to conventions alone. Do you know how many times I’ve had a male comic book dealer scoff at me and tell me I can’t afford a book, only to offer the price and even a slight discount to my father? Same book, but he’s a guy and I’m a girl.

Comic book companies are not any better.

Marvel Comics has always been the leader when it came to facing issues that everyone could deal with (The X-Men and being different from everyone else for example). Yet when it came to the women in their stories, it was still “Well she’s a woman, we need to treat her as such.” Sue Storm is the perfect example. Her power was invisibility. Perhaps her power of invisibility was (is) a parallel to how society views women, and in turn how comics view them. She’s pretty, she has the heart of a smart dude who can stretch, but she turns invisible. Over the years her powers have evolved, but at the core of it she’s someone we shouldn’t see.

DC Comics has usually been a step or two behind once the Silver Age of comics came about. The one thing they can say is “We have Superman. We have Batman. We have Wonder Woman!” Wonder Woman is a powerful, strong female character, but her weakness is being tied up. So if a man (or woman) ties Wonder Woman up, she is powerless and therefore weak. That’s fucked up. And don’t get me started on the whole Blackest Night thing where she needed to kiss Batman in order to become a Star Sapphire. Wouldn’t her love for Earth be enough?

Things have gotten wildly better since the Golden and Silver Age of comics, but it’s still a male dominated hobby, both in the industry and outside of it. Things need to vastly improve. Women can have weaknesses, but they shouldn’t be of sexual nature. In Batgirl #1, Batgirl became fearful when a bad guy pointed a gun at her abdomen. That’s perfectly acceptable. We know why she would be scared of that, and it adds depth to her. It’s not something most people would find sexually appealing. Wonder Woman being tied up is a sexually appealing thing for many people.

As it stands, I don’t really read Modern Age comics. I love the Golden Age, and even though most of the comics are wildly sexist and racist, I accept it since that was normal in 1941 America. In 2011 America things are different. Women shouldn’t have to feel like they don’t belong in this hobby. We should be able to walk into a comic shop without having every guy there look at us like we’re some rare exotic bird. Comic companies need to wake up and realize that the demographic should not be 18-35 year old men. You want more money? Realize women read comics too. Kids read comics too. Comic books should be for everyone and not 18-35 year old men.


Justice League #1

September 1, 2011

I’ve had this copy since midnight of new comic book day, and I just finished reading it. Much like Julie, I was slightly put off by the re-start of most of our beloved comics. I was also put off by Barbara Gordon becoming Batgirl again, when she was much better as Oracle, and Stephanie was a fantastic Batgirl.

But that’s neither here nor there.

The first issue introduces what we can only assume are new readers (or making the rest of us feel like idiots) to the world of the Justice League. Green Lantern is a dick, Batman is what Batman has always been, and Superman also comes off as a dick. He also lacks red underwear, which visually makes me want to rip my eyes out. They’re all meeting for the first time, and everything is not peaches and cream. Green Lantern can’t believe Batman is real, and Batman is rather indifferent to Green Lantern. Otherwise, that’s about it. There’s nothing else to this issue. You spent $3.99 on a comic that tells you who your favorite super heroes are. Again. Except me, I got my copy for free.

I don’t know what to tell you other than to not waste your money. Geoff Johns is a great writer, and I do believe once this series gets going it will be fantastic, but right now I’m really wondering why this was even published. Even if you don’t read comics, you probably know who Batman is. You probably know who the rest of the DC line up is as well since they’re pop culture staples. This whole 52 new line up crap seems like a big publicity stunt (it is) to get new readers, but I can’t imagine anyone wanting to spent $4 on a book that basically does nothing. If it was a giant size, cool, I understand. It’s not. Don’t waste your money folks, just wait for the graphic novel.


My comic book collection.

August 25, 2011

I thought I post my new video of my comic book collection.

I have more videos up already.
My YouTube ID is Wolverinefangirl


True Blood – Tainted Love

August 9, 2011

Recently IDW finished the newest True Blood 6 issue mini series, Tainted Love. I gave it a shot since it focuses on Jessica, the young vampire who lives under Bill’s care. I find her to be the most appealing character out of the series. I found the first True Blood comic to be horribly boring after issue 2 or 3 so I stopped reading it. This one was much different, and I was actually compelled to finish it. My only gripe is how over exposed True Blood has become. The series is utterly stupid (although season 1 was pretty good) and I find the books to also be just as stupid. They’re still better than Twilight though.

The story is by Marc Andreyko and Michael McMillian, with art by Joe Corroney. If these three want to continue making True Blood comics, I would happily read whatever they put out. While they’ve captured each character perfectly from the show, they don’t over do it. Since Sookie and Bill are not together, you don’t get the endless “SOOKEH” and “BEEEEEL” crap, which the first comic series poked fun at. The plot is pretty interesting too; Someone at the True Blood plants has been messing with the True Blood formula, which causes vampires who drink the tainted True Blood to go crazy. After doing some detective work our cast of fairies, shape shifter, vampires, and everything else discover it was the man who created True Blood in the first place. The rest of the story is a race against time to save Jessica and to try and find a cure for her.

Wait for this to come out in a collected form. It’s worth a read if you’re a True Blood fan, even a casual one. If you’ve never seen or read a True Blood book you might want to stay clear of this, as you really don’t get a back story to Jessica until issue 5.