The Best And Bad of 2011

2011 was a fantastic year for nerds, geeks, social nerds, and everyone in between. From movies, shows, comics, and more, this year was very much full of nerd goodness.

The Good:

The Green Hornet: Despite that most people didn’t like this movie, I did. Jay Chou literally stole the show as Kato. It’s easy to forget there were other characters because he was so good.

Thor: What a fantastic movie. Funny, solid, and to the point.

X-Men First Class: This reboot was AWESOME. We can finally forget that X3 and Wolverine ever happened. Here is the start of a terrific X-Men franchise.

Captain America: America, fuck yea!

Young Justice: If you haven’t been watching this show, you’re missing out. It’s a more of a serious show that appeals to both kids and adults. Cartoon Network did good with this one.

Brightest Day ending: This series was terrible and I’m glad it’s over.


The Bad:

Green Lantern: Oh man. I love GL, but this movie was pathetic. Lousy acting, characterization, and just over all not good. If only DC could make magical movies like Marvel does.

The Walking Dead season 2: NOTHING HAPPENS IN IT UNTIL THE END. Hope you enjoy prolonged episodes about doing nothing but hanging out at a barn. Some kid was missing, she was found, and then zombies were killed. This all happened during the last 10 minutes of the last episode of this year. Otherwise the show really let me down.

The New 52: Barbara Gordon can walk again and is now Batgirl, thus eliminating Stephanie Brown? Lame. Superman is kind of a dick and his uniform makes my eyes burn? Lame. Justice League issue 1 has nothing of real value and is a fluff issue? Double lame. While Catwoman shines in her solo issue, everything else is just sub par. Hopefully within a year everything will go back to normal.

Price decrease…then they went back up: How come three months ago I was paying $2.99, but now my comics have magically gone back up? Suck my nuts, comic companies.

Batman: Brave And The Bold ending: This show was campy and fun, but ultimately came to an end. I’ll miss it.

Green Lantern cartoon: While I like that it jumps right into the story, the four-year old I babysit summed it up best: “This is lame.”

Can’t wait for 2012!




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