The Archie Panel At New York Comic Con

Just some tid bits from the Archie panel from New York Comic Con 2011:

What a great panel. I didn’t know there was going to be an Archie panel (cause I don’t read the program guides, ever) until Dan Parent told me about it. So, my friend and I got there 40 minutes early, and somehow got lucky to get seats in the panel. Yes. The panel had to turn people away because they were full to capacity. The audience was mixed, but older adults dominated the audience. That’s nothing short of impressive. Perhaps comic fans should start to take notice to Archie comics. They might just be outselling your Batman and Spider-Man comics in the near future.
The New Crusaders are going digital! While I still prefer holding physical comic books, there is no denying that comic companies need to embrace this new technology.
There will be a new Sabrina cartoon show. It should be out October of next year. And there will also be a new Little Archie cartoon series as well! We should see that next year too.
Kevin Keller gets married in life with Archie to a doctor he met in battle.
A Kevin Keller ongoing series starts next year!
Make sure to pick up Archie 625. 100% profits go to Ronald McDonald house in NYC.
There will be a revamp the teen superheroes, such as Pureheart the Powerful.
Dilton is going to do a back to the future type thing, so keep an eye on major development for him.
The Stan Lee Super 7 series is due out next Spring.
There will be a Best of Sonic The Hedgehog hard cover due out soon. There will also be a Sonic encyclopedia book due out fall 2012.
There will be an Archie Android app. This is great news for me as I am an Andriod user…but I also own an iPad.
The Black Hood will be back. 
There will be future Archie cartoons. Of course nothing is set in stone, but this is terrific news!
All in all I had a great time at the panel, even though I was really cold. It was an ice box in that room.


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