New York Comic Con 2011

I’m not sure where to begin. After last year of only being there for a scant 2 hours, I spent half of my day at the con yesterday. There was a lot to see, and a lot to do.

First things first, the layout this year was far better than last years. The anime festival was moved to another floor (yet there were anime dealers here and there in the dealers hall) which opened up a ton of space. The artists were moved into a much spacier part. The video games and other random industry people had a big hall to themselves. Yet despite this, I feel the show may have over sold tickets. Weekend passes and Saturday passes were sold out. Perhaps next year they can limit how many single day passes they sell. It might help if they also expand further into Javits, which is a HUGE convention center.

Because of the crowds, it took almost an hour to two hours to get from one side of the convention to the other. There needs to be better traffic control. Somehow Otakon can do this flawlessly, but NYCC has yet to figure this out. There was also a ton of confusion about where to get badges. Still I understand as this is a very popular convention. Hopefully within the next few years they can work through those problems and become a truly great con.

I myself enjoyed this convention a great deal. I went to an Archie panel (which I’ll post about in the next day or so), talked to lots of people, and picked up a signed Lenore comic. I’m upset I didn’t get to meet Roman Dirge, but it is what it is! Dealers I spoke too said they were doing really well–one was doing better than he had at San Diego. This is a great. Perhaps all of these comic book movies are finally paying off for the rest of the comic world.

Pictures to come later. I’m still tired from yesterday… zzz…




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  1. Girls with Comics Says:

    I wish I was at NYCC 😦


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