24 Hours To Make A Comic

Collectors Corner in Baltimore, MD recently held an event called ’24 Hour Comics Day’. This day is a worldwide event, where comic shops (or regular shops or fan clubs…) stay open for 24 hours so people can create a comic book. I got to the store around 2, then went to a bar and drank for a few hours, then I came back and attempted to draw a comic. I was there from 7pm-12:18am, and got 10 pages done.

I am a failure at making comic books.

That being said, it’s nice to see the kind of community that happens within this shop. There was a pretty good turnout for this event, including Mike from http://www.itastesound.com/, who had one helluva set up. The store wound up closing shop around 12:30 since it’s pretty hard to stay awake for 24 hours. I know that around 3am, if I’m not in bed, everything becomes stupid funny.

Hopefully next year I can give this a better go, and make an actual comic in 24 hours.



For more information on 24 Hour Comics Day, check out the website here! http://24hourcomicsday.com/



2 Responses to “24 Hours To Make A Comic”

  1. Mike Riley Says:

    I made it by the way…. http://www.itastesound.com/p/24-hour-comics-day.html

  2. Girls with Comics Says:

    I wish I could make a comic book


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