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Return of WTF Theater

June 24, 2010

So back in the day, Saban USA wanted to bring Sailor Moon over to the USA. For those of you who used to bitch (or might still do, who knows) about DIC, please watch this.


But somehow, this Japanese version of TMNT is much worse.


Chase you down until you love me, Lupin.

May 12, 2010

While driving to the doctor today, my mind randomly though of Lupin the Third. An older anime, for sure, yet entirely enduring through time, Lupin is simply awesome. I fell in love with Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro, however his portrayal of Lupin was unlike the Monkey Punch Lupin. Miyazaki made him a gentleman, and not so much a deviant like he really is. However, that is the Lupin I love.

The actual Lupin is a womanizer, a deviant, a devil and what have you, but I love him just as much. The character, much like Archie, can change with the times. Fujiko, the beautiful gold digger, is just as great as Lupin. Their eternal hate to love, love to hate, and love to sleep with relationship is a treat. Jigen, Ishikawa and Zenigata are all great too.

Anyhow, all of this was to lead up to one of my favorite Lupin things: The live action movie from the 70’s.


Powerpuff Girls vs Sailor Moon

April 13, 2010

Hands down, I think the Powerpuff Girls kick more ass. I like both shows a great deal, honestly. Sailor Moon holds a special place in my heart next to Roxette and Archie comics. But the Powerpuff Girls can kick some serious ass. They also breathe in outer space, as per the movie. Even though Sailor Moon is technically a Moon Princess, I doubt she can breathe in space. Her head would explode.

Plus, the Powerpuff Girls only have three girls. Sailor Moon has roughly 14333262288446 different Sailor Soldiers. Some of them are even bad guys! I simply can’t keep up nor do I care too. Although I guess they would now have only 14333262288445 since Pluto is not longer a planet.

The other thing? The Powerpuff Girls don’t have some asshole in a tuxedo throwing roses and doing pretty much nothing but saying “You can do it”! I can’t think of a more worthless character ever. I’m all for girl power, but does Sailor Moon need to be reminded all 200 episodes to use her magic stick or to transform? After like a month I think she’d have it down pretty good. But no, everyone always has to remind her to Moon Princess Escalation (whatever) some monster. She’s a shitty leader. Technically Venus is the leader, and she has to protect Sailor Moon. So why doesn’t Venus you know, finish the bad guy?

Because God hates Sailor Venus (because she is the best).

While the Powerpuff Girls don’t make much sense to begin with (sugar x spice x everything nice x chemical x = three 5-year-old super powered girls WTF DOES NOT COMPUTE.) they can kick the shit out of everything. INCLUDING THE DEVIL. Come on, that’s really fucking awesome.


Worst idea ever.

February 26, 2010

Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons of Kiss fame, has been called out on the internet for plagiarizing hardcore. Nick has a comic out called Incarnate, where he has taken panels from manga such as Bleach, Hellsing, and lord knows what else, and slightly edited them–and colored them–to make them his “own”.  This has caused a shit storm in the anime and manga community, and for once I agree with said shit storm.

 (A very big thank you to!/pages/Calling-for-legal-action-against-Nick-Simmons-for-plagiarism-of-other-works/10150099569020063 for having this image available. It’s both informative and funny.)

Bleach is a very popular (it’s sold over 50 million copies worldwide), and pretty good manga. Simmons has NOT issued a statement about his very obvious plagiarism yet, but the publisher, Radical Comics, has halted production on Incarnate. So come on, Simmons, issue a statement already! The internet is dying to know what lame ass excuse you have for yourself.


Anime cons, a look back.

February 11, 2010

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was really into anime and manga. A little piece of me still loves it because of how happy it made me, however the fan base is mostly made up of kids 10 years younger than me who don’t know how to behave in public when no adult’s are around. I’m not saying I was an angel at that age, but I wasn’t a fuckwit who would jump on strangers backs in a tackle hug (or “glomping”) nor did I whack strangers with paddles that said Yaoi on them or whatever. I also never got into the hentai thing. I like real porn, for the record.

However, I can’t deny the enthusiasm these fans show for this stuff, and it’s not really a bad thing so long as they eventually stop acting like fucktwits. And let’s be real, Japan gave us giant robots, Godzilla, and Power Rangers. Those aren’t so bad! Since my man deleted all of his old anime con photos, we’ll use my shitty ones from conventions of the past:

 Yea, this motherfucker is my hero for going to Otakon like this.

 If you don’t like Sailor Moon, fuck you.

 You’re going to laugh, but that’s me. Yes I’m pale, I’m an Irish Jew so I’m naturally a pasty shade of paste.

I’ll end it here, but I literally have a few hundred photo’s. Maybe someday I’ll post them all up, or maybe I won’t because I’m lazy.



February 1, 2010

For those of you who ignore manga and anime (good for you), you might not know wtf Hellsing is. Hellsing, in a very basic nutshell, is a pretty decent manga about vampires fighting Nazi’s. It’s easy to follow, the art is detailed and good and shit, and overall I enjoy the series. However, this series also attracts some really batshit insane fans.

And said batshit insane fans need to a good old reality check.

Since many anime and manga fans enjoy cosplay, many anime and manga fans use this opportunity to dress up not as vampires, but as Nazi’s! Now, some cosplayers feel the need to change the swastika to a smiley face, but the idea is still there; You’re dressed up as a Nazi. Maybe these kids are ignorant to modern history (which I’m being serious about, they could very well be), or maybe they want to ~*rebel*~ against society. If you’re one of those little fuckwits who is rebelling, please go to and search ‘Nazi Germany’. I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but I will tell you to straight up go fuck yourself.

It’s especially insulting when said fans walk around downtown Baltimore during Otakon, dressed as such. I know what the fuck you’re supposed to be, but the rest of Baltimore does not. Baltimore also has a very large Jewish population. Rest assured at least 100% of people downtown who see’s you is most likely beyond offended by your lack of class. Of course you’ll probably whine and bitch that you have the right to cosplay as whatever you want, but I also have the right to tell you how much of an asshat you are, so take it like the fucking man or woman you pretend to be.  


Moon Prism Power, Make up!

January 18, 2010

I love Sailor Moon. As a child my Dad diligently recorded it on TV for me off of both the USA Network, as well as UPN. I had all the toys I could get my little hands on. At the same time I was watching Sailor Moon (at around 8 years of age), I was already reading Batman and Wonder Woman comics, so I was very familiar with my local comic shop. They also carried standard American type manga for Ranma 1/2, Oh! My Goddess, and Spirit of Wonder. However, this isn’t about how Sailor Moon was my gateway drug into the world of anime and manga.

When I started to watch SM, I always read the credits. I don’t know why, but I figured out the show wasn’t from America real fast. My Dad took me to Toys R Us around that time, and I went on a pretty silly search for Sailor Moon comics (hey, the credits said it was based on a comic series). Of course at the time, no one had translated the comic. I had seen, and bought, various Japanese edition’s for Sailor Moon, as well as Sailor V. The art frankly terrified me, since it was not what I was used too, and oh yea the shit’s in black and white. I was just learning how to read Japanese at the time, so it worked out in my favor, I guess.

Then I went into middle school. Around late 2000, a new publishing company called MixxZine announced they were translating Sailor Moon! This was pretty huge news for me, since for the past 3 years I’ve read and barely understanding the Japanese versions. It was also at this time that I met Julie, who also loved manga like I did. Middle school was a magical time for me. I loved it.

Then, MixxZine did release Sailor Moon. At first they had the right idea, but then some asshat possibly named Stu went and decided to release the series out of sequence. Sailor Moon left Mixx Magazine, and started her own 32 page series (begining with Sailor Moon R), BUT at the same time, Smile Magazine (a magazine for teenage girls) was printing Sailor Moon Super S. If you don’t know shit about Sailor Moon, there’s 5 seasons:

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R
Sailor Moon S
Sailor Moon Super S
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

So basically Mixx skipped over the ‘S’ season for some fucking dumb reason, and decided to just fuck up the continuity, which obviously didn’t mean fucking didly to them. Plus, if you’re starting to read Sailor Moon from he Super S era, you’re going to be lost. You probably won’t understand why these big eyes long legged black and white hussies can transform into short skirted big boobied soldiers when they shout a planets name. It’s hard to follow, I know.

Thankfully the graphic novels eventually came out, and all was well in the world. Without going too much more into the history, most of the series and movies were translated, save for the last season. Shame too, because the last season had one of the best villains, story lines, and had very consistent animation. If you don’t believe me, go watch the first season of Sailor Moon. It’s a new animator doing it every day and you can fucking tell.

Long story short, I can’t watch Sailor Moon anymore, because it’s fucking dumb. However, I will always love it for what I ment to me as a child, and I could never bring myself to get rid of any of my Sailor Moon stuff.

And now, I leave you with this: