Anime cons, a look back.

When I was younger, so much younger than today, I was really into anime and manga. A little piece of me still loves it because of how happy it made me, however the fan base is mostly made up of kids 10 years younger than me who don’t know how to behave in public when no adult’s are around. I’m not saying I was an angel at that age, but I wasn’t a fuckwit who would jump on strangers backs in a tackle hug (or “glomping”) nor did I whack strangers with paddles that said Yaoi on them or whatever. I also never got into the hentai thing. I like real porn, for the record.

However, I can’t deny the enthusiasm these fans show for this stuff, and it’s not really a bad thing so long as they eventually stop acting like fucktwits. And let’s be real, Japan gave us giant robots, Godzilla, and Power Rangers. Those aren’t so bad! Since my man deleted all of his old anime con photos, we’ll use my shitty ones from conventions of the past:

 Yea, this motherfucker is my hero for going to Otakon like this.

 If you don’t like Sailor Moon, fuck you.

 You’re going to laugh, but that’s me. Yes I’m pale, I’m an Irish Jew so I’m naturally a pasty shade of paste.

I’ll end it here, but I literally have a few hundred photo’s. Maybe someday I’ll post them all up, or maybe I won’t because I’m lazy.




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