Bitch, you run in heels.

I love Wonder Woman. She’s a bad ass motherfucker who isn’t afraid to beat the fuck out of you. She a dynamic force of love, justice, and ass kicking. However, she baffles me at the same time.

One, she has an invisible jet. Much like Aquaman and his stupid giant seahorses, Princess Diana flies around in an airplane she can’t see, yet can run without an issue. In certain episodes of Super Friends, the plane turns some parts of her invisible as well. That’s kind of bad ass, but I wouldn’t be able to fly it since I’d probably mistake the toilet for the captain’s chair.

But, Wonder Woman can fucking fly by herself. Yes, she’s such a bad ass that she can goddamn fly without the use of said jet. I don’t know about you, but if I could fly, I wouldn’t bother with a fucking airplane. Bitch, stop being modest. Oh, and also? Start being real. You seriously wear heels when fighting crime. I can barely walk down to my car in heels without fear of falling the fuck over, much less kicking someone in the face. Maybe that’s why she’s such a badass. Or maybe she’s just stupid. I don’t know, but I still love her.




2 Responses to “Bitch, you run in heels.”

  1. Jessica Says:

    What if you can fly but you have to carry stuff? Or have to rescue people and end up with passengers? A plane would probably come in handy then.

    My issue with the invisible plane is not that it exists (sometimes), but that people keep snarking on it like it’s transparent, a la, “Hurr hurr, doesn’t she look dumb flying around in a seated position.” Transparent and invisible aren’t the same thing. We can’t see though it to her inside; we just see nothing. No little sitting Diana.

  2. Kevin76 Says:

    If I wrote comics, I’d make Wonder Woman a lesbian,I mean think about it,she comes from an Island full of hot women,can’t tell me she hasn’t done anything with any of them,sisters or not :)~

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