Big Apple Comic Con 2009

Well, where do I begin.

I originally wanted to go since Willem Dafoe was a guest. However, he cancelled, so I was thinking of skipping it. That was until they announced William Shatner as the guest of honor…And I needed to be there. My Dad is a die-hard Shatner fan, so I wanted to get him an autograph. So I convinced my boyfriend we needed to go, so we went with two of my friends. 

We left Baltimore at around..7, got to New York around 9:30, got to the con by 11. On Saturday. We made excellent time if you ask me. However, it wasn’t good enough. Whomever coordinated the guests decided they would have their main goddamn guest attraction only sign from 10-11am, on Saturday, the busiest day of any convention. The peak times at a con are usually n the afternoon, so why not maximize people’s money (since you had to pay for an autograph) and get him then. No where on the website did they have times for when he was signing, and every ninny working the con didn’t know either. Not only was I profoundly disappointed, I was pissed off.

 Big Apple, for me, has a history of being the worst con ever IMO. I went in 08 and hated it. It was held in what seemed like a crowded attic with no air flow. However, I decided to give it a second chance since I don’t hate Wizard World Cons. I should have followed my gut instinct and said fuck it from the get go, but what can you do? The con itself was mostly a media con, although there were some good dealers as well, but I rarely buy actual comics at comic cons. We left after a few hours, and enjoyed the rest of New York.

Would I go back? Maybe.




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