Chase you down until you love me, Lupin.

While driving to the doctor today, my mind randomly though of Lupin the Third. An older anime, for sure, yet entirely enduring through time, Lupin is simply awesome. I fell in love with Miyazaki’s Castle of Cagliostro, however his portrayal of Lupin was unlike the Monkey Punch Lupin. Miyazaki made him a gentleman, and not so much a deviant like he really is. However, that is the Lupin I love.

The actual Lupin is a womanizer, a deviant, a devil and what have you, but I love him just as much. The character, much like Archie, can change with the times. Fujiko, the beautiful gold digger, is just as great as Lupin. Their eternal hate to love, love to hate, and love to sleep with relationship is a treat. Jigen, Ishikawa and Zenigata are all great too.

Anyhow, all of this was to lead up to one of my favorite Lupin things: The live action movie from the 70’s.




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