For those of you who ignore manga and anime (good for you), you might not know wtf Hellsing is. Hellsing, in a very basic nutshell, is a pretty decent manga about vampires fighting Nazi’s. It’s easy to follow, the art is detailed and good and shit, and overall I enjoy the series. However, this series also attracts some really batshit insane fans.

And said batshit insane fans need to a good old reality check.

Since many anime and manga fans enjoy cosplay, many anime and manga fans use this opportunity to dress up not as vampires, but as Nazi’s! Now, some cosplayers feel the need to change the swastika to a smiley face, but the idea is still there; You’re dressed up as a Nazi. Maybe these kids are ignorant to modern history (which I’m being serious about, they could very well be), or maybe they want to ~*rebel*~ against society. If you’re one of those little fuckwits who is rebelling, please go to www.google.com and search ‘Nazi Germany’. I’m not going to give you a history lesson, but I will tell you to straight up go fuck yourself.

It’s especially insulting when said fans walk around downtown Baltimore during Otakon, dressed as such. I know what the fuck you’re supposed to be, but the rest of Baltimore does not. Baltimore also has a very large Jewish population. Rest assured at least 100% of people downtown who see’s you is most likely beyond offended by your lack of class. Of course you’ll probably whine and bitch that you have the right to cosplay as whatever you want, but I also have the right to tell you how much of an asshat you are, so take it like the fucking man or woman you pretend to be.  




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