The Spirit

So how many of you sat through the shit fest known as ‘The Spirit’? I saw it Christmas day and never saw it again. I was honestly excited about the movie, since I am a Spirit fan. The comics are fun, and Eisner is a good writer. Frank Miller isn’t the worst person to do a movie either, or so I thought. Frank Miller is great when working with his own material. However, once he starts fucking with someone else’s property? Shit hits the fan. Of course the movie was you know, terrible and everyone knew it, so of course Mr. Miller decides to be a giant fucking pussy and come back with “I DIDN’T DO IT FOR THE FANS.”

No, you obviously didn’t. But why would you want to owe the fans anything? Aren’t they paying to see this amazing shit fest? The casting was good–Except ScarJo whom can’t act to save her life. Plus, Samuel L Jackson is always fun to watch on-screen, especially since he doesn’t really act. he just yells, but it works because he is a bad ass motherfucker. Frank Miller really…should not ever touch something he did not write. He sucks. He sucks fucking Aquaman dick. I can’t even begin to describe how much he sucks. I mean he’s better than Twilight but still.

My non comic book loving sister fell asleep 10 minutes into the movie. I stayed awake, and would have rather been reading some Aquaman comics. It would have been less painful.




One Response to “The Spirit”

  1. Kevin76 Says:

    I disagree with you about ScarJo’s acting. Frank Miller is very hit or miss,He needs help from another director,The movie was a total waste of time. I wonder if Miller was drunk on Aquaman cock when he made this…it’s almost too painful to call it a film,so I won’t.

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