So last year I went and saw Wolverine in theaters. Now, the last X-Men movie didn’t exactly leave a bad taste in my mouth, and Hugh Jackman is a pretty sexy mofo, plus, Ryan Reynolds was in it, and I would hit that with the might of Thor. So I was kind of excited for it.

Then the movie started.

Hugh Jackman looks like he can’t take this shit seriously anymore. Afterall, he now does Broadway, a true tough guy calling, so he doesn’t need that pansy ass Wolverine. Seriously he wasn’t even trying. The rest of the cast was also not trying as well, but they were still doing a better job then all of those asshats in Twilight. Plus, I couldn’t keep up with all the mutants they were introducing. The ones at the very begining aside from Deadpool? No fucking idea who they were. They all died within like 10 minutes so it’s not like I could even care about them. It was however cool seeing Emma Frost on-screen, although not what I really expected.

Oh, and lets not forget Deadpool. I’m  certain Deadpool can talk, and you can’t see his face. I’m not sure who that ugly bastard was during the last fight scene, but he was not Deadpool. I’m certain thats what Edward and Bella’s (from Twilight) love child would look like though, and I’m not happy about that.




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