Powerpuff Girls vs Sailor Moon

Hands down, I think the Powerpuff Girls kick more ass. I like both shows a great deal, honestly. Sailor Moon holds a special place in my heart next to Roxette and Archie comics. But the Powerpuff Girls can kick some serious ass. They also breathe in outer space, as per the movie. Even though Sailor Moon is technically a Moon Princess, I doubt she can breathe in space. Her head would explode.

Plus, the Powerpuff Girls only have three girls. Sailor Moon has roughly 14333262288446 different Sailor Soldiers. Some of them are even bad guys! I simply can’t keep up nor do I care too. Although I guess they would now have only 14333262288445 since Pluto is not longer a planet.

The other thing? The Powerpuff Girls don’t have some asshole in a tuxedo throwing roses and doing pretty much nothing but saying “You can do it”! I can’t think of a more worthless character ever. I’m all for girl power, but does Sailor Moon need to be reminded all 200 episodes to use her magic stick or to transform? After like a month I think she’d have it down pretty good. But no, everyone always has to remind her to Moon Princess Escalation (whatever) some monster. She’s a shitty leader. Technically Venus is the leader, and she has to protect Sailor Moon. So why doesn’t Venus you know, finish the bad guy?

Because God hates Sailor Venus (because she is the best).

While the Powerpuff Girls don’t make much sense to begin with (sugar x spice x everything nice x chemical x = three 5-year-old super powered girls WTF DOES NOT COMPUTE.) they can kick the shit out of everything. INCLUDING THE DEVIL. Come on, that’s really fucking awesome.




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